Wednesday, 17 June 2009


An avid follower of my blog ….. my daughter, chastised me late yesterday evening (16 June 2009). I have just came home after accompanying No. 1 big boss (I was not alone, my 3rd big boss and another 2 colleagues were also there) to the Asia Pacific Conference On Forensic Accounting & Criminology 2009 dinner at the Menara Kuala Lumpur. No.1 boss delivered the keynote address that evening. At about 11:30 pm just as I sat down in front of my laptop, my daughter remarked, “Pa, you have not update your blog for a long, long time. Sheeesh! daughters nowadays. Anyway, thanks sweetheart, for reminding me.

As I have said in my earlier posting, the period 17 May to 6 Jun has been a busy and hectic period for me, workwise. 3 workshops (2 lasting a week each and I lasting for 3 days) and 2 meetings in 3 different states, back to back. The 2 days I was in the office was spent trying to clear the backlog of work accumulated over a 3 week absence from the office. And just when I thought I can curi a few hundred minutes to update my blog, aku sakitlah pulak. Sebenarnya dah demam sejak di Cherating, Pahang, lagi. Dah jumpa doktor pun di Kemaman, Makan ubat. Penyakit reda .Ubat habis, penyakit datang balik.

Untuk ini saya persalahkan mantan PM, Tun Dr.Mahathir dan seluruh warga BN yang memerintah Malaysia sejak merdeka kerana dasar pembangunan negara yang berkiblatkan pembangunan fisikal melulu dan mengkoperatkan atau lebih tepat mengkeparatkan Malaysia. Akibatnya hutan gondol, bukit bukau & gunung ganang landai dan sungai tertimbus. Semata-mata untuk menegakkan satu lagi mega projek atas nama pembangunan, yang tidak pernah menguntongkan rakyat.

Akibatnya cuaca tak menentu, banjir tak ikut musim, alam sekitar tercemar dan ternoda dan kualiti hidup kita merosot ke tahap separas dengan lubang najis. Apabila kualiti hidup merosot, jenayah berleluasa, masyarakat menjadi kurang ajar dan penyakit yang ganjil-ganjil dan pelik-pelik timbul. Itu sebab aku (dan cucu aku) selalu sakit. Makanlah bapak antibiotik ke, ubat batuk ke, penyakit tak kebah-kebah juga. Yang untung doktor prebet. Yang boleh berubat dan cuba elak mati dengan berubat di hospital swasta atau hospital sebarang laut cuma orang besar, suku sakat dan kroni BN aje. Rumusannya. Aku sakit sebab kualiti hidup teruk. Kualiti hidup teruk sebab BN menjadikannya demikian. Jadi, sebab BN lah aku dan cucu aku selalu sakit.

Jadi sekarang you know kenapa akhir-akhir, payah yak amat aku nak buat posting dalam DARI KACAMATA KU. Sebab kerja dan sakit.

Sebut fasal sakit, I guess it’s better to have a fever and coughs rather than be dead. I visited a friend at his office the evening of 12 June 2009. I will not explain in detail here what happened that evening. But I was just about a minute away from being dead. As I was sitting across his table, just chit chatting, my mobile phone rang. It was from a workshop owner who was going to repair my car. Just as I press the answer button, the line was cut off. Thinking that the reception is bad from where I was sitting, I stood up and walked towards the office balcony about 5 steps away. I dialled the workshop operator mobile number. I only manage a “hello” before something happens that, if I was sitting in the chair in front of my friend, barely a minute earlier, I would have been dead. That will really be the end of this blog. Through that annoying phone call, ALLAH saves me.

ALLAH is giving me a second chance and I will not squander that chance. It takes a near death experience for me to realise the full implication of the idiom, “Everything That Happens, Happens For A Reason”. Remember the recent Air France crash somewhere near the coast of Brazil where all passengers and crew perish. There was a story in our local paper of a man who tried to get a ticket to board the ill fated flight. He was so desperate to book a ticket on that particular flight, to the extend that he uses someone high up in Air France but to no avail. That flight was fully booked. He was most probably cursing at that time for not being able to get a ticket. He was saved.

Sometimes in the mid 1980’s in the USA, a similar story happens. I can’t remember the details but a passenger who has already obtained a ticket for a particular American in-bound flight, woke up late. Rushing to the airport, the taxi he was in, was caught in a traffic jam. He was late to the airport. The boarding gate was closed. He pleaded but no, boarding gate closed means it’s closed. If that passenger is me, I would have muttered tons of expletives. Remember. Everything happens for a reason. Just as the frustrated passenger with the flight ticket watches the plane he was supposed to be in, takes off, he sees the same plane slammed into a bridge at the opposite end of the runway. Everyone on board was killed. It was winter at that time.

So you see, don’t blame fate if something negative happens to you. Maybe the fact that you cannot marry the sweet young sexy slim thing 20 years ago when both of you were madly passionately in love then, is something good for you, now. Who knows that if you were able to marry that sweet young sexy thing from 20 years ago, today she’ll turns out to be a nagging, fat, sourpuss, no more sexy old hag who is not interested in sex anymore while you are still raring to go.

Hingga jumpa lagi, bye dari Uncle B yang sekarang nak amalkan prinsip BIAR SLACK ASAL RELAX .


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