Monday, 14 July 2008


It’s 8:00 am, Monday 14th July 2008. I’m in my daughter’s Kelisa BHT 4095 inching along the Federal Highway at km 30.3., opposite the Avon Building, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
I am cursing and swearing under my breath as it has taken me 40 minutes just to travel the 5 km from my house in the Police Officers Housing Complex in Kelana Jaya. Why? Because the police are placing road blocks on all roads leading to Parliament i.e. into Kuala Lumpur. Why the road blocks? To prevent a mass gathering at Parliament House as a show of support for the PKR’s motion of no confidence against the Prime Minister. Why the motion? Someone thinks someone is not doing a good job of governing the country and the other person thinks he can do a better job.

After being in Malaysian politics for so long and reaching the 2nd highest position in the government, the other guy must be a moron to think that changes can be brought about in Malaysia through public rallies. That other guy must have never played poker in his life. Why must he prematurely show his hands. Why must he announced September 16 as the day the opposition will take over the government. Imagine the Allied High Command announcing to Hitler that the allied forces are going to land at Normandy Beach on D Day. Any idiot will be able to tell you that the Germans will closed the beach to the French public and put up barriers and defences. Same principle here, brother. Itu pun tak tahu kah? Unless of course someone else is doing the planning for you and pulling all the strings.

Muslim Dengan Muslim Bergadoh Siapa Untung
Look at the muslim majority areas or states in this region. You have public demonstrations in Indonesia, now and then, the muslim separatist agitations in Mindanao, Phillipines is still active and now Malaysia with the current brou-ha-ha. Would you invest in these countries with all the uncertainties around. Don’t forget these are all muslim controlled areas or countries. So while we are quarelling as to whom shall be the next prime minister of Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam and even Cambodia will be busy welcoming foreign investors into their countries.

What would happen if all the so called muslims in these areas stop thinking within the narrow confine of the nation state mentality and start thinking as one united islamic ummah. No, for heaven’s sake I am not suggesting that all these muslim countries unite and form one big muslim nation for that is still within the concept of the nation state. Can’t these muslim countries cooperate together in the field of science, economy, technologies and what have you for the sake of the muslim ummah. Only when the muslim nations can think of themselves as one ummah can the muslims reach the highest peak of glory that Islam has brought them to, once before. That is why the English sent Lawrence of Arabia into the Arab nations, agitating the Arabs by stoking the fire of freedom against the Ottoman Empire who happens to be Turkish. The Ottoman Empire is the last bastion of the Islamic Caliphate that has ruled muslims all over the world for centuries. The Ottoman Empire might has it’s shortcomings but at least it provides a focal point of solidarity among the muslim countries, being under the rule of a muslim caliph. With Kamal Attaturk inside their pocket, the west has finally been able to break up the Muslim Ummah and forever destroy the last barrier against western hegemony.

Muslims Of The World Are Pariahs Because They Behave Like Pariahs
The muslims are weak and poor today because we are not united. We think for our own pocket not for Allah s.n.w. Muslim leaders fight amongst themselves to gather riches for themselves, families and friends and not for the betterment of the muslim ummah. This is what is happening in Malaysia now. Malays think of themselves as malays first and as muslims last. If malays are to think of themselves as muslims first then the chinese, the indians and the other races will be a happy and contented lot in this country for Islamic governance means fairness and justice to all regardless of race. Alfred Toynbee once remarked that the non-muslims are well taken care of and justly treated under muslim rule than under non muslim rules. Go the nearest library please.

Sorry Saudara Anwar, if the other side are clowns, then your side are comedians.

Time is now 08:45 am., Monday 14 July 2008. Still crawling along the Federal Highway and presently at km 32.4. Thirty minutes to move 2.1 km in a car. Wonder what would happen if someone needs to be ferried to the hospital urgently or you have a stomachache and need to go to the loo fast. The government through the police and PKR through Anwar will have the victim’s blood or a messy, dirty and stinky car on their collective conscience. The jam stretches for kms ahead and I’m sure the tail is in Shah Alam by now. I will stop writing for now and concentrate on my PDA game of Breakers to while away the time waiting for my toasted bread to eat with the jam (sorry, no kaya this time).

It’s 9:20 in the morning now. I’ve just arrived at the office, a distance of just about 17 kms which takes me 2 hours 5 minutes of what is usually a 30 minutes commute. MALAYSIA BOLEH !!! BOLEH BIKIN RAKYAT SUSAH ADALAH!!!

Saturday, 12 July 2008

Surah Yassin
As promised, for a month or so I am not going to write about this country or PDRM. To while away the time may I suggest that we read the Surah Yassin for both these institutions. A religious teacher once told me that the Surah Yassin should be read for those who are nazak (on their deathbed) so as to let Allah s.n.w. decide on their fate. If it is Allah s.n.w. will that, that individual should die then let it be a fast and painless death and if it is Allah s.n.w. will that the individual should live longer then let the recovery be fast.

Websites To Visit
To those few (I can count them on my fingers) who has bothered to read and I hope follow my blog, thank you very much for being with me all this while. As you can see from this posting, I have attempted to make some changes as to how my blog page looks, so that it’s more informative and useful to you. For example I have added the Places To Visit column where I have and will continue to list down websites that will provide alternative news reporting for those who are sick and tired of the propaganda churned out by the mainstream news and electronic media. Just click on the site name and it will take you to the SUN and SIASAH online newspaper and Raja Petra Kamaruddin’s website, Malaysia Today. InsyaAllah, I will be adding on new sites that’s worth a look when I come across it.

Books To Read And Movies To Watch
Hopefully soon, I will be able to recommend books I’ve read and movies I have seen. As regards the worth of my recommendations on this two subject, let it be known that I am an avid reader and a movie buff. To date, I have a collection of about 1200 books, more than half of which has been given away due to space contraints in my house. As regards movies, I have seen (at theatres and not pirated DVDs at home hah!) more than 90% of the English movies shown in Malaysia since I joined the police force in 1977. Sorry I have a predisposition against love stories because personally I think love love kiss kiss stories are a little bit too mushy for me.

Polls Column
And finally I have also added a polls column where every month you will be invited to cast your vote on current issues prevailing in this country. No, don’t worry, you can cast your vote any way you like and you will not be penalised for making your own judgement call. There is no way I can potong your gaji for saying that the king is naked. To those of who who has not read the story of The King’s New Clothes then you must have been educated in Malaysia after 1974. That’s the year they decided to make make Bahasa Melayu the medium of instruction for all primary and secondary schools except for the sons and daughters of the malay, chinese and indian political elites who can sent their offsprings to private and international schools where the English language is used extensively. In this respect, at least Mr. Lee Kuan Yew’s Singapore was fair and did not discriminate against the poor who cannot afford private schools as Singaporeans can decide in which language medium they want their children to be educated in. That’s is why I have always contended that Singapore is more and much much more successful than Malaysia because it (Singapore) is more Islamic in it’s governance than Malaysia, a country run a muslim majority and lead by a muslim.

New Degree Program
As an end note, it may surprise you to know that Malaysia is going to be the first country in the world to offer a 3 years degree program in Signology. UITM Shah Alam will be the first institution of higher (not necessarily smarter) learning to offer such course. The degree in signology or BSc Sgn will be a feather in Malaysia’s cap as it will be the world’s first in education. Signology is the new science of making, maintaining and erecting directional signboards for freeways and highways. The signages along our highways is so atrocious in it’s stupidity that the professors in our degree mills was directed by the Ministry Of Education to brainstormed together at the rakyat expense of course, to come up with the syllabus for the BSc in Signology.
Hopefully in the year 2012 when the first batch of graduates in BSc Sgn pass out, we won’t have the repeat of a signboard in Subang Jaya which shows the direction to Shah Alam and Klang but the sign was placed after the junction of the road to Shah Alam and Klang. I can give you more examples of such bodoh, bangang and goblok signs and placement of signs but I guess you too must have once been and will continue to be a victim of such signages. Now you know why our ministers and foreign dignitaries have police outriders when driving along our roads. It’s not to clear the way for fast travelling but to show the way to their destinations. For if our ministers or foreign dignitaries were to depend on our signboards as a guide even Pak Lah won’t be able to find his way to Parliament.

To my friends who reads my blog, may I request a small favour from you. Could you be kind enough to spread the word about my blog to your others please. It’s just that I love to interact with more malaysians and exchange ideas and views about this country and PDRM.

Wednesday, 9 July 2008


I have a sweet and chubby grand daughter who’s going to celebrate her second birthday comes August 23, 2008. She staying with me and it is my dream to bring her with the right values so that if one day she becomes one of those who leads the country, she does it so that she can contribute to the well being of the rakyat and not become a parasite or a lintah darat. I am going to teach her to tell the truth and nothing else but the truth. That one day she will grow up to be an upright woman, liberal in her outlook but with the true Islam (not western approved Islam) as her guidance. That she will contribute to and not exploit the society that she lives in.

But in the Malaysia that I’m living in today, how do I do that. How do I tell my grand daugther to cover her modesty when she goes out, yet all around her are women wearing the tudung but dressed in tight low necked tee-shirt tucked into tight jeans that leaves no man guessing as to the size of the bra she’s wearing or the shape of her butts. How do you tell a growing up girl that integrity and the truth matters and that the Statutory Declaration is a legal document that attest to the fact that you are telling the truth and yet in the very next breath you are saying that what you have said earlier are all lieas. And how do I tell my grand daughter to live within her means to avoid corruption and yet she sees wakil rakyats living in mansion and holidaying overseas.

Short of migrating to some utopian country overseas, I will do my level best to prevent my grand daughter from becoming a confuse little girl as she grows up in this beautiful, peaceful, plentiful and xxxxxxful Malaysia. How can a growing up girl not become blur in this country when rumours turns out to be true and the truth are actually lies. How to be a proud Malaysian with the recent events happening around us. Allegations and counter allegations, statutory declarations made declaring that what you are saying is the truth and the very next hour declaring that what you have said earlier are all lies. Now tell me which is which. I will not be surprised if we are now the laughing stock of our neighbours if not already the court jester of the entire world.

Going Down The Drain
To me, we are no more the respected country we used to be. Our neighbours used to hold us in awe at our achievements. Economy: The malaysian ringgit used to be on par with the Singapore dollar. Malaysians drives in droves especially over the weekend to Woodlands and Bukit Timah to enjoy cheap chocolates, fruits and electrical goods. Today the Singaporeans clogged Jor Bahru’s supermarkets and shopping centres.

We used to be the darling of the investing world. Now, investors are forsaking malaysia for countries like Indonesia, Thailand and even Cambodia. The Panasonic factory in Kelana Jaya has moved to Vietnam and if my informer is right, the Western Digital factory is moving to China soon.

Education: University Malaya used to be one of the world’s best universities. Today, thesis are sub-contracted out. What have we become now. Sports: the Koreans and Japanese once feared our footballers. Today we are beaten by the Cambodians. Want to talk about hockey? Forget it.

Want to talk about quality of life? Surely you are not talking about the jams at toll plazas on the weekends and festive occassions along our so called super highways. How about the constant floods and the rising crime rates. I wonder if our leaders even know about quality. Judging by the way they behave in parliament, they are better off at the circus than trying to make life bearable for us, the rakyat. By the way, for them (you know who), their quality of life has improved. Where he was once a clerk at a government agency driving a Honda Cub to work, he is now a 4 term wakil rakyat who has four luxury cars to his name. I am sorry, the quality of life has improved after 50 years under the able stewardship of our duly elected representatives, but only for some.

Did He Or Didn't He
While at it, I’d like to touch on this main bontot issue. I am not going to comment on whether the so called rakyat’s hero screwed somebody’s backside. I won’t, because I have not seen the act committed with my own eyes nor do I have the truth with me. After all in Islam, you need for witnesses to testify that such act occurs. The witnesses themselves must be men of God without flaws and can we find such men or for that matter such women today.

And neither am I going to comment if someone really knew someone who is now deceased and that they have dinner together in Paris. Why? Because there’s no way in heaven, a small fry like me can gather all the facts and separate it from fiction. The way things are going now in this country, I don’t really want to know what is right and what is wrong anymore. What are lies and what are the gospel truth.

Come to think of it, why should I be bothered at all about the political intrigues in this country. Come on, let’s be real. Do you really believe that if saudara Anwar becomes the next prime minister, I will be living in a mansion and driving a BMW 7 series the next day. Or that if the government remains in the hands of BN, I will get a million dollar contract to supply stationeries to all government agencies in Iskandar Malaysia.

So I guess, I’ll just keep my big mouth shut from now on as I have enough problem trying to survive with prices of everything around me going up. I just wish all my body parts are also able to go up at a moment’s notice just like the price of petrol. Anybody out there wants to help me. Men need not apply please.

Due to the stupidity, lies and deceit that has been happening and will keep happening around us this last weeks and in the coming months, I am going to stop writing about PDRM, the government or for that matter, malaysians, for a time being. If those goons wants to jump in the lake or fly like a kite, go ahead. You guys deserve each other and malaysians deserve the government that they get. Si Luncai terjun dengan labu-labunya. Biarkan. Biarkan. If there is any malay above the age of 18 who doesn't know who Si Luncai is, go ---- yourself.

My next posting will be about sex. That one can write or not?

Wednesday, 2 July 2008


A colleague (more of a friend actually) of mine who happens to be a loyal reader of my blog offers me an advice the other day. Now that you have decided to sign on for another two years as the man in blue, why don’t you stop hentam police and write something good about the force for once. That request sets me thinking. Have I, all this while been bashing the police? I thought I was just offering my two sens worth of opinion as a member of the Royal Malaysia Police who deep inside his heart believed in the ideals of police work. Policing to me has never been about the money but about the satisfaction of once standing in the middle of the Port Dickson – Seremban trunk road around 6 am in the morning stopping a pick-up to force the driver to drive an unconscious accident victim to the Seremban Hospital. That to me is policing. Making the rakyat feel safe and not just throwing your weight and power around. Are you saying that when I tegur my wife on her shortcomings, that I hate her?

When I wrote that piece in Utusan Malaysia taking the former IGP to task for saying that 40% of the police force are corrupted, I was deluged by phone calls from members of the force. The common thread in their calls, praising me because I am brave enough to hentam the former IGP. Why did you say I hentam the old man when in fact I was only asking a question for my former No.1 to answer. I guess that’s the problem with us Malaysians, we are so used to towing the line, so feudalistic in our mindset, especially the malays and so submissive that anyone who dares says something negative about those in power, are still powerful or about the system is viewed as guilty of treason. No wonder Malaysia tak boleh maju. If the boss says pawn Malaysia to foreign powers I am sure there’ll be hundreds of pak turut and yesmen and yes women hunting for pawnshop to gadai malaysia. Such is our psyche according to my two sens worth of observations.

By the way, about those phone calls. There are quite a number from those senior to me in rank who wanted me to write more about the shortcomings they have observed whilst serving in the force. Now, that’s another annoying traits that malaysians have. Cakap banyak di belakang tapi tak berani bersuara di depan, hoping that an idiot like me will blurp everything out. If events turns out positive after the disclosure, then they’ll come out from the worm holes claiming credit for the exposure but if things turn nasty, they’ll wash their hands off me, crawl back into the woodwork and leave me alone to hang and dry.

I remember the PDRM Officers Mess, Bukit Aman, extraordinary AGM that was called to get a mandate from members to use part of the Mess fund to finance the Officers Mess foray into the world of shares trading so that the dividends or profits earned can be ploughed back into the Mess account. I was the only Chief Inspector then who dares airs my reservations about investing our Mess fund in the share market. The Deputy IGP was then present. The issue was put to a vote by show of hands and as expected the motion was carried through. The Senior Police Officers Mess, Bukit Aman is now an investor. After the meeting, a few senior officers of the rank of Assistant Commissioner of Police and above, came to see me to voice their agreement with my reservations earlier. However I remember perfectly well that they were the ones who voted for the motion in the first place. Hah! this is what I meant, talk a lot but no guts.

As stated earlier, my good friend who is now the proud owner of a Phd scroll (tomorrow I’ll call him doctor), asked me to write something good about the force. Remember my earlier blog posting when I say the police force only provides me with an empty room, a table and a chair, as a superintendant of police for me to do my work in?

My apologies to the logistics department. I now have a bigger (plus wash room lagi) and more presentable room. At least I won’t be shy if my kampong folks comes to visit me in my office to see how their orang kampong has fared as a senior police officer. There’s a lot to improve on though but as the saying goes, beggars cannot be choosers.

Coincidently, after that advice from my Dr. friend, I received a few more advice from well meaning collegues and friends who also asked me to stop or at least to water down what I have been posting in my blog. It sets me thinking. What about my right as guaranteed by The Constitution, to freedom of expression. Ok..ok.. I know there is no such thing as absolute and unbridled freedom. I know there is the Sedition Act, the Penal Code, etc, that governs what I say to ensure that this country forever remains safe, secure and peaceful. I know that. But then, say during my first promotion interview to be a DSP, I was asked this question, “As a management student and after spending more than 20 years in the force, what do you think of management practices in the police force. I then proceed to asked the interviewer, “Dato’, do you want the politically correct answer or my sincere personal views?”. The Dato’ then reminds me that he expects the truth as I see it and nothing else. So I proceed to tell him that as a management student and as someone who has served more than 20 years in the force, that there is no such thing as management practices in the police force. So I have to go for my second and third interviews to become a DSP. This is the dilemma that I am facing. Speak my mind and shame the devil or keep silent and forever keep my peace.

I remember Hang Nadim who was chained and thrown to drown in the Singapore waters when he dares suggest to the then Sultan, to use banana tree trunks to defend Singapore against attacks by swordfish instead of using human thighs as suggested by palace officials. Please! Takkan you all dah lupa cerita Singapura DiLanggar Todak.

To satisfy those WOGs among us (Westernised Oriental Gentleman) i.e. orang timur perasan matsalleh, how about cerita The Emperor’s New Clothes. Cerita pasal raja yang pakai baju kononnya terlampau halus dan seni sehingga tidak kelihatan seperti berbaju. Apabila raja keluar ke bandar dengan baju barunya, semua memanda raja dan rakyat jelata memuji betapa cantiknya baju baru raja dan bijaknya tukang jahit diraja mencipta baju sedemikian sehinggalah seorang budak kecil bersorak yang raja sebenarnya telanjang. Untungnya cerita The Emperor’s New Clothes berlaku dalam negeri orang putih. Kalau berlaku di negeri Hang Nadim, dah lama kena campak ke laut, takpun kena sula budak tu.

What has happened to governing or leading as practised by the right guided Caliphs of Islam e.g. Saidina Omar and Saidina Abu Bakar? Zaman mereka dulu rakyat boleh komen bahkan boleh cabar pemimpin ulong Islam ketika itu untuk memerintah dengan adil dan baik atau kepala mereka (kalifah) akan dipenggal. Tak pernah saya terbaca yang rakyat tu kena hukum pancung atau sebat atau penjara pulak kerana berani bersuara.

Inilah yang sedang berlaku dalam masyarakat kita. Cakap salah, diam hati berbuku. Apa kata kalau dalam posting-posting yang berikutnya saya nukilkan kisah-kisah hantu yang pernah saya alami atau posisi-posisi sex amalan saya atau apa yang saya lakukan pada isteri atas katil sehingga dia sanggup bertahan 28 tahun kahwin dengan saya. Tapi itu pun saya bimbang juga, nanti lembaga penapisan blog malaysia, kata saya buat cerita tahyul dan cerita lucah pulak. Tak sanggup rasanya saya berdepan dengan seksyen 223 Akta Komunikasi & Multimedia.

I know what I’ll do untuk mengelakkan saya hilang pencen atau gratuiti saya kerana mulut celupar saya ni. Mungkin saya kena ikut nasihat the three monkeys. “See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil”. Next posting saya akan keluarkan cerita-cerita dalam kelambu aje. Boleh kan??????????

Jumpa lagi.