Thursday, 8 March 2012


The Indonesian Parliament is banning women MPs from wearing provocative clothing such as mini skirts to work. House of Representatives speaker, Marzukie Alie said “women wearing INappopriate clothes arouse men, so it needs to be stopped. You know what men are like – provocative clothing will make them do things”.

I do not know what Malaysian men will do when they see women in provocative clothing but I know what I will do. My jaws will drop, I’ll start drooling and my eyes will pop out of it’s socket. If in the evening and there’s nobody around, most probably I’ll howl like a wolf. But that’s all I’ll do. I don’t partake of food exposed to dirt and flies

According to the deputy head of the Indonesian Parliament's, Household Affairs Committee, one Mr. Refrizal, “miniskirts and skimpy clothes are an invitation to to male lawmakers”.

I do not know what sort of invitation Mr.Refrizal is referring to, as it can be an invitation to the skimpily dressed woman’s house, an invitation to dinner (and whatever goes after that) or even an invitatation to a one night or even a weekly stand. But one thing I am sure of. Leave food uncovered and flies will drop by for a visit. After all, uncovered food and flies deserved each other.

This move to ban the wearing of sexy and revealing clothes to Parliament is back by none other than two female house members who happens to be former fashion models. Heck, surely these women knew what they are doing. Either that or these two women are at the age where even wearing a 2 piece bikini doesn’t make them look sexy anymore.

As usual, women’s rights group are outrage by this proposal. If in Malaysia, there is a likelihood that the police will be informed that the emancipated women of Malaysia will hold an assembly titled Telanjang Malaysia 2012, to be spearheaded by Sisters In Islam.

Personally,I disagree with such a move by the Indonesian Parliament. Not only in parliament but anywhere in Indonesia, if any indonesian woman wants to walk stark naked in the streets, let them be. I am sure the indonesia government believes in such things as women’s rights, freedom of expression and so forth. What happens to the naked woman after that, that is her problem. She wants to play rugby, she’d better be prepared to suffer bruises and broken bones. As to the man with the itchy XXXX, he has to pay the piper too. I would even suggest that we allow malaysian women, the same freedom too. After all, it’s their body, their boobs and their XXXX.

As for Uncle B, my jaws may drop, I may start drooling, my eyes may pop out and I may howl like a mad wolf but that’s about all I’ll do. I don’t go for cheap things.

Bye, from Uncle B, jantan yang ada class.

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