Wednesday, 23 April 2008


The last time I visited my own blog was on 12th December 2007. Back then I was seriously thinking of just letting my blog die a natural death. There was scant traffic to my blog even from among my police friends to whom I’ve never miss pointing out that I have a blog of my own. Coupled that with being a first time grandfather with a granddaughter who insists on sitting on my lap everytime I faced my laptop, there’s not much time I can spend putting my thoughts to PC. In fact that was what I was doing since then. Letting my blog meninggal dunia naturally. But then came along 2 readers who suggested that I continue writing for whatever it’s worth. But what really makes me sit up and decides to continue writing was a Special Branch friend of mind who wants to know whether I’m still blogging. Short of being sombong because my blog caught the attention of at least one Special Branch officer, it is my secret wish that my blog are among those that the Special Branch monitors. Hey! That’s an achievement man. Attention given by the Malaysian spy agency to well known and widely read bloggers/blog sites is expected but if the spies are really monitoring every posting of mind, wow! Anyway here I am and Allah s.n.w. willing, I will revive my blog.

My Apologies
For this posting, I would like to tender my sincerest apologies to all Malaysians and Johoreans who have voted in the Pakatan Rakyat in the last (12th) general election in five states especially Penang, Selangor & Perak, denied Barisan Nasional it’s 2/3 parliamentary majority and made inroads in the UMNO fortress of Johor. I apologised for saying that most Malaysians especially Johoreans are gobloks (morons) for voting in BN and UMNO in Johor election after elections in spite of those they voted in plundering the country for their own benefits year after year. I guess finally malaysians have had enough just as I have had enough of Barisan Nasional politicians especially those from UMNO just after the former PM Tun Mahathir Mohammad came into power.

I have only one post election wish. That all those who have voted in the opposition gave them some time to put things right and to prove themselves (the opposition) as credible administrators of our states and nation. Do not expect the opposition to do in 4-5 years what Barisan Nasional has not been able to do in 50 years. That is why the recent setting up of an organisation to look after malay rights is a laughing matter to me. UMNO has not been able to look after malay rights for the last 50 years in spite of the NEP and yet now when 5 states are in the hands of non BN politicians, they (UMNO) is talking of malay rights. Let’s be honest gentlemen and ladies of the United Malays National Organisation. Are you honestly fighting for ketuanan melayu or are you fighting for ketuanan UMNO. Which is which?

Enough about UMNO, let’s talk about the Royal Malaysia Police. With about 10 months left before I bid goodbye to a police force in which I would have served for 31 years 6 months on my retirement date on 1st February 2009, I couldn’t help but wonder at the police force today.

The 201 Years Old Royal Malaysia Police
The RMP is now 201 years old. When I first joined the force as a probationary inspector on 3 July 1977, my unform was the old blue and khaki uniform. It was not gazette then as the official uniform of the RMP and it was never gazetted when the uniform was changed to the dark blue that we are using now. I therefore can safely assumed that even the uniform that I am wearing now is not gazetted. Correct me if I am wrong. But if am right, what are we doing for the last 201 years. In other words anyone can wear the police uniform and as long as you never claim that you are a police officer, it will be very difficult to charge you for impersonating a police officer unlike the military jungle green and camouflage uniform which was gazetted. Can someone correct me on this please.

About 10 years ago Anwar Ibrahim received that famous black eye courtesy of one of my former IGP for calling the police anjing kerajaan. As a police officer, I too was angry at that statement because as far as I am concern I was, am now and will still be until I retire, an anjing rakyat. I served the public and not any political masters. Furthermore, I may not be much to look at then, even more so now but there’s no way even my enemies can say that I look like a dog.

If I am not mistaken the Communist Party of Malaya nicknamed the police running dogs. I asked an expert who told me that the term was used because dogs follows the command of it’s masters blindly and quickly. By the way dogs do not read law and they don’t swear to God to serve without fear or favor. Then again now that I am nearing the end of my career in the force, I asked myself. Did Anwar know what I did not know earlier. There was a fairly large demonstration in front of Komtar, Penang when Lim Guan Eng announced that he’s going to put aside the NEP in administrating Penang. Even an orang asli from Perak knows who’s behind it but was anyone from that demo or it’s organizers called up to have their statements recorded. Not that I know of but maybe I was too busy looking for a post retirement job to notice such news in our independent national newspapers and television channels. When the new Selangor government approved the setting up of a pig farm again there was a big demonstration in front of the Selangor State Government Building in Shah Alam. This one even a blind and deaf observer from Timor Leste knows who’s behind it. Again no news of any arrests or the organizers called up to give their statements. By the way where were the famous FRU water cannons on these 2 occassions. Water shortage or chemical shortage kut!

Imagine my surprised when within 24 hours, the organizers of the 14 April dinner in Kampong Baru was called up to give their statements. Wah! Why like this one meh!! Got two types of law ahh! One for common people, one for special & privilege people. As I was saying earlier maybe Anwar knows something I did not.

p/s. To those guys and girls reading this blog for the noble purpose of safeguarding the safety and security of our beloved nations, I have only one thing to say. Malaysians after 50 years of independence given (not from) by the MatSallehs in Westminster was and are still being colonialised. This time not by the whites but by our own Malaysians. If Ahmad Boestamam and others like him are jailed by the orang putih for speaking their (the real independence fighters) mind, we can now be jailed for telling the truth by our own fellow Malaysians.

Until we meet again. Ciao! from this Johorean who thinks he is a Singaporean.


Witty Hanafee said...

dear author...

Like i promised... if you kept writing.. id keep reading and commenting... I chose this post simply because I KNOW NOTHING of PDRM. So here goes... for as long as i can remember i have been an observer of the political scene... which isnt really a long time... I think the result of the last election couldnt be better for both sides, like you mentioned, its a big chance for the opposition and a wake up call for the government... more than that i think we are stating to understanding the idea of democracy... the idea that everyone has a say on what happens to the country. I admit i favor the UMNO party for sentimental reason which is a not a good enough reason... but more importanly I am above else in favor of democracy and freedom of speech... the general election proved that... above everything else i hope that the election of our nation no longer becomes about party or power... but rather advancement.. enhancement... rather than focus on the faults.. lets focus on the solution of how we can make the country better... How can we reach for the stars if we're still bothered by which party we are in... i believe that... dont get me wrong... i like how you express youre opinion... i think the country would benefit from the public opinion and public debate but like what i always tell my frineds... lets fix it... so here is my question....if you could... what would you change in the current government... not the person in charge... Im sure youd like to see Pak Lah booted out heheh... but the government... the constituition... what would you change??

Witty Hanafee said...

by the way i dot usually write political pieces in my blog... but i wrote one after reading yours.. have a read and let me know what you think