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Yesterday 23 August 2008 was supposed to be my last day to don the blue uniform of the Royal Malaysia Police. Actually I am only due for my compulsory retirement on reaching the age of 56 years on 1 February 2009. However at last count I still have 108 days accumulated annual leave due to me before my retirement. And there’s no way in heaven I am going to allow the government of Malaysia to deny me my leave. So 23 August 2008 was supposed to be the day I begin my pre-retirement leave. Fortunatley, after waking up from it’s sleep, the government decided to extend the retirement age to 58 years old. With that I get my two years reprieve or rather extension of madness as one of the men in blue protecting the security, peace and order of the rakyat or was it the continued security, peace and order of the ruling elite. By the way, I signed up for 58 years not because of any passion for the force because the passion has died a long time ago but because no organisations so far wants me as their Chief Jaga. It’s just like a long marriage actually, if the sparks of passion that once ignited the nights and orchestrated the sound of love are left to flicker off, what is there left of the marriage but responsibility.

No, do not worry. I am not going to reminisce about those good old days in the police force. The good old days are few and far in between. Neither am I going to project myself two years into the future in the force as I am certain, the same old tune is going to play itself over and over again albeit with new musical arrangements, as far as life in the malaysian police is concern. What I am going to do is to write about doing and being seen doing something.

I have heard it said countless number of times. Justice must not only be done but must be seen to have been done. Some top executive in an american factory operating here in Malaysia once said that work must not only be done but must also be seen to have been done but for those of us working in the police force, bear in mind that you must not let the boss knows that your work is done by somebody else. Just act busy and kelam kabut and take credit for the work done. Hey! I’ve prepared country papers for my bosses law enforcement seminars overseas while I’m still a chief inspector. Of course I get a thank you from my boss. What are you thinking? That my bosses were an ungrateful lot. But that’s about all.

When I first became a probationary inspector way back in 1977, I was told that the police force is a neutral government agency and that as the main law enforcement agency, we are answerable to the law and the law alone. We are supposed to do our work without fear or favour, disregarding race, religion or the social standing of those involve in police investigation. That was way back in 1977.

It’s now 2008 or 31 years since. It’s not about the police anymore. It concerns all law enforcement agencies in this country because I sincerely believed that all law enforcement agencies that has existed since 1977 shares the same creed as PDRM when discharging their duties. To be fair to all and not subservient to anyone. With that in mind, shouldn’t all law enforcement agencies then be not only neutral and fair in discharging their duties but also be seen to be fair and neutral when carrying out their tasks.

So I was just wondering. How did the Anti Corruption Agency became efficient when there is a report against the opposition (the case of the two Perak Exco) but extra careful and a tad too slow about the countless reports made against individuals connected with the Barisan Nasional (remember the BN wakil rakyat who asked the Customs Department to tutup mata sebelah).

And what happened to the FRU water cannons when UITM students demonstrated against the suggestions to open UITM to non-malays. By the way, demonstrasi ni ada permit polis ke tidak. Kalau polis bagi permit, senang pulak bagi permit untuk buat demonstrasi. Pakcik polis tak takut ke pecah ketenteraman dan keamanan awam sebab demonstrasi ni. Lagi satu soalan nak tanya, budak-budak suruhan ni tak terikat dengan Akta Universiti ke yang menghalang pelajar berdemonstrasi dan terlibat dalam politik. Kenapa tak ambil tindakan undang-undang ke atas barua-barua ini. Agaknya water cannons tersumbat kot atau air kontang dan tak cukup kakitangan untuk siasat dan dakwa educated monkeys ni.

Macam manalah rakyat tak menyampah tengok muka penguatkuasa undang-undang negara ni terutama yang dari agensi penguatkuasa undang-undang utama Malaysia. Kalau orang marah kita atau benci kita, cuba tengok diri sendiri dalam cermin, jangan cepat nak melatah atau melompat tak tentu hala. Dan please jangan jadi tabiat tak senonoh orang melayu dengan lagu bangau oh bangaunya. Semuanya salah orang lain.

Soalan terakhir sebelum saya pos komen nih dalam blog saya. Apa yang saya tulis ni kira anti establishment ke atau pun saya ini jenis manusia yang tak loyal atau setia pada organisasi? Saya selalu terima nasihat, anda mesti taat-setia, taat-setia dan mesti terus taat-etia. Tapi saya nak tanya satu soalan kuat-kuat, boleh tak?


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papa, papa...
luckily your beautiful daughter paksa u to extend your service... or else papa got to stay home and jaga Putri...
but then again, the Force in need of a GREAT officer like u, pa...