Wednesday, 8 October 2008


Wednesday 8 October 2008 - 8th Syawal 1429 : 2130 hrs.
It's the 8th day of Hari Raya Aidil Fitri today. So here goes the standard Hari Raya greetings which every body utters but failed to fathom the significance when they meet someone or anyone during this hari raya period. Especially those HINDRAF XXXXXXXX (person whose mum and dad was not legally married when they were conceived) who gate-crashed the PM's hari raya open house and to me insulted Islam. How would those HINDRAF ?!xx&$ feel if I barged in on their Deepavali open house and ask them to take a long swim to whatever country that will accept them and not marginalised them.

Dei! Anei!! did you know that I am worse off than you. Why? Because I am marginalised in my own Tanah Melayu and by my own people, the melayus. At least Samy Vellu is fighting for the release of the 5 HINDRAF leaders who would not be driving a BMW if they are practising law in India. Who's fighting for the son of Nik Aziz who is now in Kamunting for being a so called terrorist.

So today Pak Lah announced that he is not contesting the UMNO presidency in March 2009. So what? So Pak Lah will no longer be prime minister after March 2009. So what? Tun Mahathir is no longer prime minister but the damage has already been done. So what if Pak Lah goes back to teaching kampong kids about Islam Hadhari. He has already aggravated and added to the damage done to Malaysia by Tun Mahathir.

So what if after March 2009, Malaysia gets a new prime minister. Is the price of essential goods going to go down. Are they going to abolished the tolls or is the electricity tariff going to be reduced. Or do you still cling to the belief that corruption and nepotism and cronyism are going to be eradicated when when we get a new prime minister. Fat hope?

In a pack of wolves, there will always be one wolf who is the boss. If that boss wolf gets shot and passed on to that great hunting ground in the sky, another wolf will take it's place as boss wolf. But don't forget, whichever wolf becomes the head wolf of the pack will still be a wolf and not a human being. Nothing changes. Some one once said that you can take Ahmad out of the kampong but you cannot take the kampong out of Ahmad. I'll say this. You can play musical chairs with the leadership of UMNO but as long as those participating in the game are UMNO members only, the last person sitting in the last chair will still be UMNO at heart.

Therefore, what's so great about having a new prime minister?

Once upon a time, I was not like this. When I came back to this country in 1971, I was full of hope and enthusiam believing that an intelligent malay from Singapore will be allowed to fulfill his destiny and have his day in the sun of this Tanah Melayu. My dreams has become a nightmare and Tanah Melayu has now become MALAY .... SIA ....... L.

Now, I am a cynic and a skeptic of everything around me. My wife used to chide me. "Abang, with you, nothing is always right except you". Nowadays she no longer critises me because slowly but surely she's seeing that what I have always been griping about is now becoming real.

Until the next posting, byeeee!!

p/s . Actually I wanted to stop whining about the state of affairs of this country and write about something more cheerful like sex but then takut kena gam pulak. I'll see what I can do about that.

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Amira Baharuddin said...

Dad, it's true what your friend from Singapore used to tell me... "If your father had stayed in Singapore, with his brains, he would definitely be the next Prime Minister of Singapore u know!"...hearing that from his mouth, with him being a chinese and living in that great country, it's are one of the greatest Melayu around!! though i'm still sad on why u turned down the Singapore citizenship offer years ago.... *sigh*