Wednesday, 15 June 2011


Secretly, I have been praying and hoping that the Royal Malaysia Police which I have been a part of for 34 years of my life will be on a path of redemption the moment I leave the force. After all the Force is rid of one bad influence the moment I became a civilian. Alas, that is not to be.

Six months in the private sector, in a department that has got to deal with the police force from time to time, seems to reinforce my belief that nothing much has changed in the force. The ancient complaints of pushing complainant from one police station to another just to make a simple police report, under classifying & slipshod investigations, people unfriendly policemen & women, at times brodering on arrogance and rudeness, is still there just like the times when I joined the force in 1977. Most of all, wouldn’t it be just nice if today, corruption is antipathy to all in PDRM. After all, the last IGP and the present one are known as straight guys, right?

I met up with a former colleague of mine, who is now in one of the two so called gold mine of a police department in the force, the other day for lunch. His outpouring of frustrations at how difficult it is to conduct operations when such information are compromised, clearly shows that things has not changed much in the police force. Better at hiding it, maybe, but clearly not on the righteous path. How can it be, when police organised golf tournaments, still looks around for sponsorships, either from legal or status unknown business entities. It may look ok in asking for sponsorship but isn’t sponsorships a percursor to corruption? Because it is such, that the former IGP has forbidden soliciting for donations when organising any police related events. Surprisingly when junior police officers organised events, the ruling is enfored but when golf tournaments are planned, the ruling is suspended. Double standards maybe?

On the marital homefront, Selangor housewives are up in arms against massage centers and reflexology outlets that offer more than your innocent body rub, so says the Star of 14 June 2011. Then there is the news that some women NGOs (as expected) and some men (surprised!) takes offense at the formation of the Obedient Wives Club. Aiyoo! Like that also, so kepoh one!

I have been married for 31 years. Has never bothered or see the need to go to a massage parlour. Why? Because my wife gives me a more than better massage service at home. And what’s wrong with my wife always listening to me, although at times I do wish she would gave me some counter advice. Touch wood, our lives together in holy matrimony, has been a good one because although there are some flare-ups in between, we listen to each other and gave each other a rub down before and/or after a session of wink!, wink! So why look outside when all you ever need is available at home.

I am no marriage guru but the way I look at it, there is always the pull and push factor in any marriage. A lousy homelife (interpret it anyway you want) is a push factor while a “beautiful” homelife is the pull factor. Outside of the house, an alluring and seductive woman who is willing to go all the way in whatever you do together (again, interpret it anyway you want) is the pull factor. So it is always a battle between who has got the stronger pull. The Mrs or the Other Woman. A weak pull factor plush a strong push factor at home will definitely pull the man of the house in search of a body rub or whatever body parts that requires a rubbing, outside.

A friend of mine, when asked why he indulges in sponsored sexual services when available (policeman mah, everything wants free), answered. “Because of the services she provided which I did not get at home”. In response to my query, “What services are you talking about?”. “We had a bath together and she massage me first before we had sex”, was the reply. Good Lord, if a wife cannot provide those simple comforts, who then?

Another friend, when asked why he is thinking about getting Mrs No.2, replied “I do not know where my formerly voluptous and seductive wife has gone to. What I see now is a plumb woman who is happier sleeping than romping in bed”.

So, there you are ladies, before you banned the Obedient Wives Club and burned down all the massage centers and reflexology outlets, asked yourself. What is it that the other woman can provide outside, that I cannot provide at home, as a lawfully wedded wife.

Ta! Ta! From Uncle B and the Mrs, who, although we are in the late (me) and early (mrs) fifties, still sleep together naked under the blankets when the moon is up.


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