Tuesday, 27 May 2014


It has been a very long while since I have posted in my blog. Now that I have started to put fingers to keyboard, I am not very sure, whether I will continue writing again or just let  Kaca MataKu die a natural death. It is not safe anymore in Malaysia. Not safe to walk on the streets, not safe to drive in, not safe taking public transport (especially the buses) and not safe for your kids to play in neighbourhood park (if there is one).  Certaintly it is not safe for you to voice your opinions on paper or vocally and worst of all, it is no longer safe to be a policeman. What has the government of the day done to this country?
A housewife is facing a jail sentenced for saying her mind about terrorism on facebook or her blog, if I am not mistaken. I do not suscribe to physical violence because violence only begets violence. So if she is really involved, I mean really involved, in terrorist activities, by all means, throw the law books at her or even hang her, if it helps to stop further violence. But to put someone on trial just because she has an open mind or a big mouth, that is something else.
Granddad used to tell me that Allah s.a.w. will not record it as a dosa (sin) if you think about doing a sinful act. Should you abstain from doing that sinful act, Allah will record a merit (pahala) for not carrying out the sinful act.  On the other hand, even if you only think about doing a good deed but did not carry out the good deed,  Allah s.a.w. will still record a pahala for you. Should the good deed materialised, Allah will record 10X pahala for you. That is Allah s.a.w. in all His Greatness. And here we have mere slaves who thinks they are gods in this country. Astargfirrullahhalazim!!

theSun, frontpage, 17 May 2014, reported a case of a young policeman on a police motorcycle being deliberately rammed by a criminal gang look out vehicle. The policeman with a colleague on 2 different motorcycles was chasing a car with 3 criminals inside, who has just robbed a cigarette delivery van. The incident which happened in Selama, Perak caused the life of the young policeman.  
When I was growing up in the early 60’s, parents will threatened to call the mata-mata  if their kids failed to toe the line. Today criminals, (who were once indisiplined kids, maybe), kills policemen, who tries to bring criminals to book. What is this country coming to?
I won’t answer that question because answering that question can lead me to court, thank you. To paraphrase General Patton, “You don’t save the country by going to jail for it, you save your country by letting the voters suffer the consequences of choosing the wrong government”.
Until we meet again, if I still have the courage to write, salam from Uncle B, who will always vote for my wife of 34 years over those SWT (sweet young things), who might look good only on the outside.

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