Saturday, 12 July 2008

Surah Yassin
As promised, for a month or so I am not going to write about this country or PDRM. To while away the time may I suggest that we read the Surah Yassin for both these institutions. A religious teacher once told me that the Surah Yassin should be read for those who are nazak (on their deathbed) so as to let Allah s.n.w. decide on their fate. If it is Allah s.n.w. will that, that individual should die then let it be a fast and painless death and if it is Allah s.n.w. will that the individual should live longer then let the recovery be fast.

Websites To Visit
To those few (I can count them on my fingers) who has bothered to read and I hope follow my blog, thank you very much for being with me all this while. As you can see from this posting, I have attempted to make some changes as to how my blog page looks, so that it’s more informative and useful to you. For example I have added the Places To Visit column where I have and will continue to list down websites that will provide alternative news reporting for those who are sick and tired of the propaganda churned out by the mainstream news and electronic media. Just click on the site name and it will take you to the SUN and SIASAH online newspaper and Raja Petra Kamaruddin’s website, Malaysia Today. InsyaAllah, I will be adding on new sites that’s worth a look when I come across it.

Books To Read And Movies To Watch
Hopefully soon, I will be able to recommend books I’ve read and movies I have seen. As regards the worth of my recommendations on this two subject, let it be known that I am an avid reader and a movie buff. To date, I have a collection of about 1200 books, more than half of which has been given away due to space contraints in my house. As regards movies, I have seen (at theatres and not pirated DVDs at home hah!) more than 90% of the English movies shown in Malaysia since I joined the police force in 1977. Sorry I have a predisposition against love stories because personally I think love love kiss kiss stories are a little bit too mushy for me.

Polls Column
And finally I have also added a polls column where every month you will be invited to cast your vote on current issues prevailing in this country. No, don’t worry, you can cast your vote any way you like and you will not be penalised for making your own judgement call. There is no way I can potong your gaji for saying that the king is naked. To those of who who has not read the story of The King’s New Clothes then you must have been educated in Malaysia after 1974. That’s the year they decided to make make Bahasa Melayu the medium of instruction for all primary and secondary schools except for the sons and daughters of the malay, chinese and indian political elites who can sent their offsprings to private and international schools where the English language is used extensively. In this respect, at least Mr. Lee Kuan Yew’s Singapore was fair and did not discriminate against the poor who cannot afford private schools as Singaporeans can decide in which language medium they want their children to be educated in. That’s is why I have always contended that Singapore is more and much much more successful than Malaysia because it (Singapore) is more Islamic in it’s governance than Malaysia, a country run a muslim majority and lead by a muslim.

New Degree Program
As an end note, it may surprise you to know that Malaysia is going to be the first country in the world to offer a 3 years degree program in Signology. UITM Shah Alam will be the first institution of higher (not necessarily smarter) learning to offer such course. The degree in signology or BSc Sgn will be a feather in Malaysia’s cap as it will be the world’s first in education. Signology is the new science of making, maintaining and erecting directional signboards for freeways and highways. The signages along our highways is so atrocious in it’s stupidity that the professors in our degree mills was directed by the Ministry Of Education to brainstormed together at the rakyat expense of course, to come up with the syllabus for the BSc in Signology.
Hopefully in the year 2012 when the first batch of graduates in BSc Sgn pass out, we won’t have the repeat of a signboard in Subang Jaya which shows the direction to Shah Alam and Klang but the sign was placed after the junction of the road to Shah Alam and Klang. I can give you more examples of such bodoh, bangang and goblok signs and placement of signs but I guess you too must have once been and will continue to be a victim of such signages. Now you know why our ministers and foreign dignitaries have police outriders when driving along our roads. It’s not to clear the way for fast travelling but to show the way to their destinations. For if our ministers or foreign dignitaries were to depend on our signboards as a guide even Pak Lah won’t be able to find his way to Parliament.

To my friends who reads my blog, may I request a small favour from you. Could you be kind enough to spread the word about my blog to your others please. It’s just that I love to interact with more malaysians and exchange ideas and views about this country and PDRM.

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