Monday, 14 July 2008


It’s 8:00 am, Monday 14th July 2008. I’m in my daughter’s Kelisa BHT 4095 inching along the Federal Highway at km 30.3., opposite the Avon Building, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
I am cursing and swearing under my breath as it has taken me 40 minutes just to travel the 5 km from my house in the Police Officers Housing Complex in Kelana Jaya. Why? Because the police are placing road blocks on all roads leading to Parliament i.e. into Kuala Lumpur. Why the road blocks? To prevent a mass gathering at Parliament House as a show of support for the PKR’s motion of no confidence against the Prime Minister. Why the motion? Someone thinks someone is not doing a good job of governing the country and the other person thinks he can do a better job.

After being in Malaysian politics for so long and reaching the 2nd highest position in the government, the other guy must be a moron to think that changes can be brought about in Malaysia through public rallies. That other guy must have never played poker in his life. Why must he prematurely show his hands. Why must he announced September 16 as the day the opposition will take over the government. Imagine the Allied High Command announcing to Hitler that the allied forces are going to land at Normandy Beach on D Day. Any idiot will be able to tell you that the Germans will closed the beach to the French public and put up barriers and defences. Same principle here, brother. Itu pun tak tahu kah? Unless of course someone else is doing the planning for you and pulling all the strings.

Muslim Dengan Muslim Bergadoh Siapa Untung
Look at the muslim majority areas or states in this region. You have public demonstrations in Indonesia, now and then, the muslim separatist agitations in Mindanao, Phillipines is still active and now Malaysia with the current brou-ha-ha. Would you invest in these countries with all the uncertainties around. Don’t forget these are all muslim controlled areas or countries. So while we are quarelling as to whom shall be the next prime minister of Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam and even Cambodia will be busy welcoming foreign investors into their countries.

What would happen if all the so called muslims in these areas stop thinking within the narrow confine of the nation state mentality and start thinking as one united islamic ummah. No, for heaven’s sake I am not suggesting that all these muslim countries unite and form one big muslim nation for that is still within the concept of the nation state. Can’t these muslim countries cooperate together in the field of science, economy, technologies and what have you for the sake of the muslim ummah. Only when the muslim nations can think of themselves as one ummah can the muslims reach the highest peak of glory that Islam has brought them to, once before. That is why the English sent Lawrence of Arabia into the Arab nations, agitating the Arabs by stoking the fire of freedom against the Ottoman Empire who happens to be Turkish. The Ottoman Empire is the last bastion of the Islamic Caliphate that has ruled muslims all over the world for centuries. The Ottoman Empire might has it’s shortcomings but at least it provides a focal point of solidarity among the muslim countries, being under the rule of a muslim caliph. With Kamal Attaturk inside their pocket, the west has finally been able to break up the Muslim Ummah and forever destroy the last barrier against western hegemony.

Muslims Of The World Are Pariahs Because They Behave Like Pariahs
The muslims are weak and poor today because we are not united. We think for our own pocket not for Allah s.n.w. Muslim leaders fight amongst themselves to gather riches for themselves, families and friends and not for the betterment of the muslim ummah. This is what is happening in Malaysia now. Malays think of themselves as malays first and as muslims last. If malays are to think of themselves as muslims first then the chinese, the indians and the other races will be a happy and contented lot in this country for Islamic governance means fairness and justice to all regardless of race. Alfred Toynbee once remarked that the non-muslims are well taken care of and justly treated under muslim rule than under non muslim rules. Go the nearest library please.

Sorry Saudara Anwar, if the other side are clowns, then your side are comedians.

Time is now 08:45 am., Monday 14 July 2008. Still crawling along the Federal Highway and presently at km 32.4. Thirty minutes to move 2.1 km in a car. Wonder what would happen if someone needs to be ferried to the hospital urgently or you have a stomachache and need to go to the loo fast. The government through the police and PKR through Anwar will have the victim’s blood or a messy, dirty and stinky car on their collective conscience. The jam stretches for kms ahead and I’m sure the tail is in Shah Alam by now. I will stop writing for now and concentrate on my PDA game of Breakers to while away the time waiting for my toasted bread to eat with the jam (sorry, no kaya this time).

It’s 9:20 in the morning now. I’ve just arrived at the office, a distance of just about 17 kms which takes me 2 hours 5 minutes of what is usually a 30 minutes commute. MALAYSIA BOLEH !!! BOLEH BIKIN RAKYAT SUSAH ADALAH!!!

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