Wednesday, 9 July 2008


I have a sweet and chubby grand daughter who’s going to celebrate her second birthday comes August 23, 2008. She staying with me and it is my dream to bring her with the right values so that if one day she becomes one of those who leads the country, she does it so that she can contribute to the well being of the rakyat and not become a parasite or a lintah darat. I am going to teach her to tell the truth and nothing else but the truth. That one day she will grow up to be an upright woman, liberal in her outlook but with the true Islam (not western approved Islam) as her guidance. That she will contribute to and not exploit the society that she lives in.

But in the Malaysia that I’m living in today, how do I do that. How do I tell my grand daugther to cover her modesty when she goes out, yet all around her are women wearing the tudung but dressed in tight low necked tee-shirt tucked into tight jeans that leaves no man guessing as to the size of the bra she’s wearing or the shape of her butts. How do you tell a growing up girl that integrity and the truth matters and that the Statutory Declaration is a legal document that attest to the fact that you are telling the truth and yet in the very next breath you are saying that what you have said earlier are all lieas. And how do I tell my grand daughter to live within her means to avoid corruption and yet she sees wakil rakyats living in mansion and holidaying overseas.

Short of migrating to some utopian country overseas, I will do my level best to prevent my grand daughter from becoming a confuse little girl as she grows up in this beautiful, peaceful, plentiful and xxxxxxful Malaysia. How can a growing up girl not become blur in this country when rumours turns out to be true and the truth are actually lies. How to be a proud Malaysian with the recent events happening around us. Allegations and counter allegations, statutory declarations made declaring that what you are saying is the truth and the very next hour declaring that what you have said earlier are all lies. Now tell me which is which. I will not be surprised if we are now the laughing stock of our neighbours if not already the court jester of the entire world.

Going Down The Drain
To me, we are no more the respected country we used to be. Our neighbours used to hold us in awe at our achievements. Economy: The malaysian ringgit used to be on par with the Singapore dollar. Malaysians drives in droves especially over the weekend to Woodlands and Bukit Timah to enjoy cheap chocolates, fruits and electrical goods. Today the Singaporeans clogged Jor Bahru’s supermarkets and shopping centres.

We used to be the darling of the investing world. Now, investors are forsaking malaysia for countries like Indonesia, Thailand and even Cambodia. The Panasonic factory in Kelana Jaya has moved to Vietnam and if my informer is right, the Western Digital factory is moving to China soon.

Education: University Malaya used to be one of the world’s best universities. Today, thesis are sub-contracted out. What have we become now. Sports: the Koreans and Japanese once feared our footballers. Today we are beaten by the Cambodians. Want to talk about hockey? Forget it.

Want to talk about quality of life? Surely you are not talking about the jams at toll plazas on the weekends and festive occassions along our so called super highways. How about the constant floods and the rising crime rates. I wonder if our leaders even know about quality. Judging by the way they behave in parliament, they are better off at the circus than trying to make life bearable for us, the rakyat. By the way, for them (you know who), their quality of life has improved. Where he was once a clerk at a government agency driving a Honda Cub to work, he is now a 4 term wakil rakyat who has four luxury cars to his name. I am sorry, the quality of life has improved after 50 years under the able stewardship of our duly elected representatives, but only for some.

Did He Or Didn't He
While at it, I’d like to touch on this main bontot issue. I am not going to comment on whether the so called rakyat’s hero screwed somebody’s backside. I won’t, because I have not seen the act committed with my own eyes nor do I have the truth with me. After all in Islam, you need for witnesses to testify that such act occurs. The witnesses themselves must be men of God without flaws and can we find such men or for that matter such women today.

And neither am I going to comment if someone really knew someone who is now deceased and that they have dinner together in Paris. Why? Because there’s no way in heaven, a small fry like me can gather all the facts and separate it from fiction. The way things are going now in this country, I don’t really want to know what is right and what is wrong anymore. What are lies and what are the gospel truth.

Come to think of it, why should I be bothered at all about the political intrigues in this country. Come on, let’s be real. Do you really believe that if saudara Anwar becomes the next prime minister, I will be living in a mansion and driving a BMW 7 series the next day. Or that if the government remains in the hands of BN, I will get a million dollar contract to supply stationeries to all government agencies in Iskandar Malaysia.

So I guess, I’ll just keep my big mouth shut from now on as I have enough problem trying to survive with prices of everything around me going up. I just wish all my body parts are also able to go up at a moment’s notice just like the price of petrol. Anybody out there wants to help me. Men need not apply please.

Due to the stupidity, lies and deceit that has been happening and will keep happening around us this last weeks and in the coming months, I am going to stop writing about PDRM, the government or for that matter, malaysians, for a time being. If those goons wants to jump in the lake or fly like a kite, go ahead. You guys deserve each other and malaysians deserve the government that they get. Si Luncai terjun dengan labu-labunya. Biarkan. Biarkan. If there is any malay above the age of 18 who doesn't know who Si Luncai is, go ---- yourself.

My next posting will be about sex. That one can write or not?

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Bubbly said...

=) hai... macam pernah ku dgr ayat "si luncai terjun dgn labu-labunya..biarkan biarkan.." hahahha.

dari kat kampong sampai ke cyberworld... u kept on saying that.. suka bangat kamu dengan phrase itu...=)

I dont want 18sx stories,paklong. Why don't u write about family bonding.. father/son/daughter relationship.. peoples mindset..or how to manage and save the to be a great uncle like you =)

Have a good day and take care.