Tuesday, 5 May 2009


Two news item in theSun of 5th May 2009, attracts my attention.

On page 5, is a news item, “Painful romp in the park”. Last weekend, at the East Coast Park in Singapore, a 30 year old married secretary was performing oral sex on her boss in a car at the car park. A van accidently reversed into their car, causing the secretary’s jaws to snap shut and severing the boss penis. It is not known if doctors managed to reattached the kote yang putus. The husband, however, is asking for a divorce.

Moral of the incident. One, if you want to have girlfriends and at the same time have sex with them (if they allow it), don’t be a cheap skate. Bring her to a french or italian candle light dinner at a 5 star hotel, book the executive room and then do what a man and a woman normally do, when alone together in a bedroom. But make sure she is worth every single sen. Otherwise go home to your wife.

Two. If you are the kinky type who likes to have sex in strange places like under a tree in Bukit Cerakah at midnight and you insist on having sex with your partner in a car, don’t park in a car park. Reversing cars are common in car parks. Try parking your car along a quiet stretch of the PLUS Highway in the early morning. Put out a safety beacon about 20 metres behind your parked car, then have a go at your partner. Better still, do it in a hotel car park, then if you feel like going for a second helping, you can go to the hotel room and do it in the bath tub.

On page 9, columnist Terence Fernandez opined that PDRM is a benchmark of how we regard our public servants. According to Fernandez, even with the recent pay revision, “how can we expect our men in blue to put their lives on the line for RM900? (Entry level for a constable). Is their life worth only that much? Why can’t we tighten the requirements for joining the force to make it more professional by getting better educated and quality personnel with private sector remuneration?”

I do hope the new Menteri Dalam Negeri and the human resource experts in PDRM reads that article on page 9.

Hingga jumpa lagi, berhati-hati bila berasmara, dari Uncle B, yang tak sempat pakai SAC II, bergelar Dato’ dan tak berpeluang merasa gaji macam budak-budak sektor swasta.

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Dato' ada cucu kan lagi cool!!!!