Wednesday, 24 July 2013


The English has a saying. If life throws you a lemon, make lemonade. In other words, make good of a bad situation. The Star, 23 July 2013, page 3, highlights the story of a 50 year old man from Ampang, who sets himself on fire after finding out that his wife is having a lesbian affair. What would I do in such a situation? I’d just walk away and look for a new wife. As a closed friend once advised me, “Don’t die because of a woman”. As one who had his fiancee cheats on him, was divorced once and lost on love, countless number of times, I certaintly would like to think that I know myself enough, to know what I will do in a similar situation as Mr.Lim, the gentleman who sets himself ablaze.

At the risk of sounding cruel, if you are to put into practice the English idiom above, I guess what Mr.Lim should do is to do a menage-de-trois. Let the mrs continue but you joined it. The fact the the couple has 3 kids indicates that the wife is an AC/DC and don’t be surprised if the wife’s female lover is also a married AC/DC. In that way, you have the best of both worlds. Married but having an affair with the wife’s approval. Kinky stuff  huh!!! Anyway my heartfelt kesian to Mr.Lim. He must be a nice guy otherwise he would have kick the wife out of the matrimonial home.

The next comment is not kinky stuff. It’s bullshit stuff. On page 4 of the Star, 23/7/2013, it was reported that the home minister announced that the malaysian authorities will conduct a nation wide hunt for illegal immigrants covering the plantation, construction, service and manufacturing industries after the hari raya season. Those harbouring (read employers) illegal immigrants won’t be spared either. But since I am a malaysian and has been witnessing the governance of  malaysia for 2/3 of my life, there’s only 1 thing that can be said about this proclaimation of action against illegal immigrants. BULLSHIT!!!!!

A few years back we had the same Home Ministry launching a 6P program that cost taxpayers millions of ringgit to manage the PATI problem. We even bought biometric equipments to prevent deported PATIs from reentering the country using different names. What happens?

I leave it to fellow malaysians to make whatever you can out of the two stories above. I have abstained from making a lengthy comments as I am tired of being accused of being anti establishment, tak tahu berterima-kasih punya orang or asked to go back to Singapore. So, it’s your call. What do you make of the stories above especially the big joke about flushing out illegal immigrants.

Until we meet again, love from Uncle B who knows that you can’t make a silk purse of a sow’s ears.

Watchaa!!! and bye.

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