Friday, 30 August 2013


During the 1998 CHOGM Meeting in Malaysia, Lee Kuan Yew was interview by Malaysia’s New Straits Times. In answer to a question why there are no malay senior officers in strategic and operational positions in the Singapore Armed Forces, Lee Kuan Yew replied, “Singapore is a tiny island nation surrounded by muslim majority bigger neighbours like Malaysia, Indonesia, Southern Phillipines and Brunei. If we put a Singaporean malay in charge of a machine gun nest, in times of war against our bigger muslim neighbours, where would his loyalty lies, with Singapore or with his race and religion”. Well, I could not remember verbatim what was quoted by LKY but in essence that was what he said.  In short, LKY do not trust Singaporeans malays.
Today, is the eve of our 56th Merdeka Day. A time when displeasures, mistrust and perceived unequalities amongst malaysian chinese and indians against the malaysian malays are at its most volatile. Don’t get me wrong. I am not a racist nor do I subscribe to racism but I can help thinking like LKY.  After all I was brought up in his country.
On this Merdeka eve, a fleeting thought rush through my mind. If ever Malaysia is at war with Singapore or India goes coo coo and decides to declare war against Malaysia in order to rescue the marginalised malaysian indians from ethnic cleansing by the largely malay PDRM, would the malaysian indians and the chinese joined the malaysian armed forces in droves to defend their land of birth. For those already in the armed forces, where would their loyalties lie, with Malaysia or with their race and country of origin of their forefathers? I wonder.
Just before I penned off this posting, another question runs through my mind again. Is there any minister of UMNO origin with balls who dares voiced a similar opinion as LKY should a foreign news correspondent asked a similar question. I doubt it. They might have balls but definitely no guts.
Dari Uncle B, Selamat Hari Merdeka Yang Setakat Bebas Dari Belenggu Fisikal Tetapi Tetap Terjajah Mindanya.

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