Monday, 29 September 2008


TV 3 evening news bulletin Monday 29/9/08. Minister for tourism bemoans the fact that the negative view malaysians has of foreigners especially those of african origins can have negative effect on the tourism industry. According to her, cash is cash whether it is roubles, kwanza, USD or whatever you name it, as long as it brings money into the country. No wonder gambling is allowed in this country and prostitution is look upon with one eye shut. And all this time I thought only Singaporeans have dollar signs in their eyes.

Yang Berhormat, menteri, why don't we chuck the Anti Money Laundering and Anti Terrorism Financing Act into the dustbin and make Malaysia a money launderers heaven. Hey! while we are at it, why don't we give them pioneer status and exempt them from income tax for 5 years. After all, look at what laundered money did to Las Vegas, USA. Or are we that afraid of the USA. Last I recall, we are a sovereign country.

Wait, I have more. Why bother with health or eco-tourism to bring in the money. Why don't we promote malaysia as a sex tourism destination. We assign a special sex tourism belt in every state except of course the opposition held states. Each of these state sex tourism belt will have a specific theme or area of specialisation. Kuala Lumpur can be a place for AC DC sex, Johor in sadism maybe, Perlis in oral sex and Putra Jaya in supplying services for sex deprived women. Unfortunately I won't make the grade in Putra Jaya.

I'll bet my last bottom dollar if this becomes a reality, planes of sex starved tourists will be landing at KLIA every other minute. And the causeway will be jammed with singapore registered vehicles carrying straight-laced kiasus for a unique holiday experience.

The minister wants money, let's give her tons of it. To hell with morality or ithe fact that africans treats us like garbage or if they insult local cultural sensitivities. So what! malaysia is already the buffoon of the world. Surely another insult is not a dent in our national pride.

I was in Kucing not too long ago, taking a stroll along the waterfront. And there in a sort of mini open auditorium is a group of African males and females dancing and drinking away as if they own the waterfront. How about those africans living amongst the local population. Have the minister not heard of complaints from local residents about the behaviour of the so called african students. Is the minister deaf or is it because locals don't bring in the cash.

Yes, I'll admit I may be generalising about the africans but I have been living in their midst in Angola, Africa for a year and what I observed about them is nothing that I can emulate. In case the Yang Berhormat is not aware, American company officials before serving in any country in the world are given a short course in the culture, the sensitivities and the do's and the don'ts of the country, they will be serving in. Why can't those africans be given the same course. Ooppss! sorry ... money talks.

Before wishing the honourable minister of tourism, a selamat hari raya Eidil Fitri but no maaf-maaf, may I suggest we close down the National Institute of Integrity. For what is integrity if we can sell our soul for a ringgit.


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