Thursday, 25 September 2008


Happened to watch TV 3 news bulletin at 8:00 this evening (25 Sept '08). Not that I want to watch it but majority rules in my household. My wife, daughter and son-in-law wants to find out the lies that TV 3 is churning out. Maybe that's a good idea. Hear the lies first, then go on a fact finding mission. When you
balik kampong to visit your aging parents, spread the news to the kampong folks that the managers of this country are telling them half truths and outright lies. Show them the facts that you have gleaned from alternate but reliable sources. By the way, do YUPPIES visit their parents nowadays or are they too busy climbing the corporate cum political ladder.

A news item caught my mind. The two Perak state assemblymen currently facing corruption charges are now being investigated by the Perak Islamic Affairs Department for illicit sex with a chinese woman. Aiyoo!! friend, how to have racial integration like this, if play play with chinese girl cannot. Malay man can show physical loving with malay girl only ah!. Wah, cannot meh! like that one. How to bersatu padu.

Actually, that piece of news item is good tidings of things to come in Malaysia Bolehland. One .... it shows that Barisan Nasional led government agencies can be super efficient if they want to. Notice the lightning speed the Perak ACA investigated, napped red-handed and charged the two state assemblymen. It's only a co-incidence that those two happens to be Pakatan Rakyat assemblymen. After all the ACA is an independent and neutral body.

Two ......... it's show that Islam Hadhari is working it's magic on Umno assemblymen because non of them are being investigated by any government agencies for having sex either with local or foreign women or having torrid affairs behind their spouses' back. I cannot vouched for assemblymen from other BN component parties because one ex minister from a chinese based party has been caught on camera being given health rejuvenating treatment by a closed friend who only happens to be a woman.

I am not going to discuss the moral issues of this episod. Suffice to say that the good doctor has made old men like me proud. Now I am wondering why the government insists on retiring 58 years young men out to pasture when life is still sparkling in us old-timers. Did you know that there are still young men who spends their weekends alone or has to seek company among ladies of the night.

For some one like me who thrives on highlighting the faults of the present government, maybe I should review my stand. After all the above news item clearly shows how crooked and corrupted Pakatan Rakyat assemblymen can be and how angelic UMNO assembly men and assembly women are.

But then again .... who owns and control TV 3?

Hingga jumpa lagi, selamat menonton dan bodohkanlah diri anda melalui TV 3.

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