Saturday, 14 May 2011


I hate being photographed just as I hate writing about myself. If I'm a male model or an actor or at least, a gigolo, I would surely want and loved for my pictures to be taken and my daily doings read by the adoring masses. After all, aren’t male models, actors and gigolos supposed to be tall, handsome and hunky men. Any woman out there wants to date a 5’ 4” tall, slightly chubby but huggable and definitely not cash loaded, young at heart old man? I have a feeling that with guys like that, even a Mak Datin Gersang (local linggo for sex starved) would rather be sleeping alone. See what I mean?

On second thoughts, I also have to be fair to my friends, Jennifer (a reader of KACA MATA KU) and my nephew, a deputy public prosecutor in Kuantan, Pahang. These kind souls have time and again asked me to write about myself. Sort of an autobiography, I guess. Maybe they want to know what went wrong in my younger days that made me the cynical old young man that I am today. Or maybe they just want to avoid the pitfalls that I have gone through in life, so that they don’t end up like me when they reach my age. Autobiographies or biographies are written by, or written for, famous men who has shaken the world. Men like Mahatma Gandi, Nelson Mandela, Lee Kuan Yew or even Lim Goh Tong or Chin Peng, not forgetting our very own Tun Mahathir. Cuma publisher blur sahaja yang sanggup publish autobiography saya. Look, would you line up to get a personally signed copy of a book about me. Giler Ape!!!!

So, rather than offend the sensitivities of my colleagues (both past and present), my friends and all those that has been and hopefully will continue dropping by at KACA MATA KU, with self agrandising stories of a nondescript little man who only by the Grace of Allah s.a.w. managed to retire as a superintendant of police, let me think throughly on whether to put the story of my life on paper. Should I decide to put my story on paper, you”ll be the first to know because a television series about my life’s journey will follow suit. Only then can you line up to have a personally autographed copy of my book whose proceeds from the sale will go to the Foundation For The Betterment Of The Malaysian Melayu and of course me on a 5%/95% basis.

For a time being, why don’t we talk a bit about the hypocrisy and the double standard of decency and morality practiced in the world today. I am not surprised if the US of A and Israel are natural born snaked tongue, two faced hypocrites but when a country like ours run by so called muslim leaders practices double standards, that is sad, very very sad for the muslim ummah who voted them into power in the first place. No, we’re not going to talk about Malaysia this, time. I have had about enough for the moment.

Let’s talk about a news story, hidden somewhere on page W40 of The Star, 13/4/11. A wheel chair bound, 91 year old Nazi death camp guard was given a 5 years jail sentence by a German court after being found guilty of 30,000 counts of being an accessory to murder. In case you are still kelabu, this so called murders happened during the 2nd world war in the 1940s. In plain language, because your boss decides to delete some jews from the face of the earth, and you happened to be the guard there, then you are guilty of abettment.

You prosecute a guard for doing his work during war times, 60 years ago. Are you saying that officers and men of the Allied forces has not committed any murder of Axis prisoners of war? What happened to the Jewish murderers of innocent palestinian non combatants, male, female and children at the Sabra and Shatila refugees camps in Lebanon in the 80s. Has any of the jewish murderers been tried by the international courts. If this is not double standard and hypocrisy, then Obama’s great grandmother died a virgin.

Until we meet again, when I’ll write a bit about myself, here’s a word of advice to guys who are so hung up about their future wife’s virginity. The most important thing in a happy marriage is not that you marry a virgin but that you marry a woman who remains a virgin to you all her married life. Can’t catch my drift? So sad, too bad!!!!! The puzzling thing is, why don't the same standard apply to guys before they get married. Virgins before they are married.


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