Sunday, 8 May 2011


Selepas 10 tahun, akhirnya mati juga Osama Ben Laden di tangan tentera US yang menceroboh masuk ke Pakistan. Apa juga yang tak betul dengan Osama, at least dengan caranya sendiri yang sonsang, beliau telah cuba membalas balik penganiayaan yang telah dilakukan terhadap umat Islam oleh pembuli-pembuli Islam.

Islam mengajar kita bahawa if you have nothing good to say about someone, it is better for you to keep your big mouth shut. OK, so some big shot in Malaysia is glad that Osama is dead but do you have to announce that, “I hope with the absence of Osama, the world willl become more peaceful, safe and just”. All muslims are brothers and as the malay saying goes, “Air dicincang takkan putus” or as loosely translated by students who studied maths and science in English, “You cannot cut water”.

As independent right thinking men and women, do we really believed even for a second, that Osama ben Laden, is the root of all evil, chaos and insecurity in this world? For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. The seemingly playful kangaroo left to live life on it’s own terms, have never been known to be aggressive. Try pushing the poor kangaroo until it’s back is against a tree and see what happens. Take an AirAsia flight to Australia and find out for yourself.

The US has been trying to impose it’s way of life onto the people of the world all this while. Citizens who tries to live life without Starbucks and McDonalds will be hounded by puppets leaders, put in place surreptiously, by the United States of America. That is what happened to Iran whose citizens has had enough of Shah Reva Pahlavi american ways. And till today Iran has never been left alone while countries with a more atrocious human rights track record like North Korea and Myanmar, is only given a pep talk by the US.

Osama may have been eliminated but in his place, more Osama Ben Laden will be created. Unless and until the actual cause of the root of all evil, chaos and insecurity in this world is addressed, we will see no end to the unnecessary slaughter of the innocent.

The fact that it takes all of ten years for the Americans to ferret out and kill Osama, in spite of the sophisticated gadgetry and widespread tentacles of the US intelligence agencies, Osama’s betrayal must have come from someone close to him. After all there is a prize of USD 25 million for Osama’s head. Saddam Hussein too, was betrayed.

Talking about betrayal, I can’t help reflecting on Anwar Ibrahim’s sodomy II trial and having a good time with a prostitute video clip case. Whether Anwar did bonked Saiful in the sodomy II case and whether it is him in the video clip incidence, is another issue. In Malaysia, only the UMNO lead BN government speaks the truth, all others are hogwash. But what lesson can we learn from the Osama, Saddam Hussein and Anwar’s case?

Break any law or commit any sin you want. Go ahead, do it all. But for heaven’s sake do it alone, don’t talk about it and don’t leave any clues or evidence behind. Nothing is an offence until you are caught or alleged doing it. After all, you only have Allah to answer to and that, only in the hereafter. So why worry, right?

Hingga jumpa lagi, salam sayang dari Uncle B, yang masih belum pasti kebenaran cerita tentang seorang bekas penyanyi dengan seorang menteri kabinet kita , yang ditangkap basah lamaaaaaaaaa ...... dulu.


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