Saturday, 21 May 2011

Sebelum saya terlupa. Dikhabarkan melalui Business FM di 89.9 mhz, bahawa pertumbuhan ekonomi negara menguncup daripada 4.8% pada suku akhir tahun 2010 kepada 4.2 pada suku tahun pertama 2011. Pelaburan asing yang masuk pula, surut sebanyak lebihkurang 4% daripada 10% pada suku akhir tahun 2010 kepada 6% untuk suku pertama tahun 2011. Itu dengan Program Transformasi Ekonomi yang dicanangkan dan digembar-gemborkan oleh Najib. Apa dah jadi beb!!!!

Nope, saya enggan komen mengenai the state of affairs negara Malaysia kita yang 1 ini kerana di Malaysia everything remains status quo year after year. The same bullshit albeit by different bulls and bitches, the same hogwash by different Porky Pigs, maybe and of course the same rehashed propaganda.

For now, I am going to talk about sex. Those of you who are Mr & Mrs Prim, Proper & Prudish, stop reading right now and go hide behind some veneer of innocence, chastity and purity, somewhere.

Maybe a bit late by today’s standards but I was introduced to what a man can do to a woman’s private body parts and vice versa, when I was in primary six. We do have extra classes back then on some Saturdays, the normal school off day. I was staying in Clementi Estate, not a rubber estate mine you, but a British Army barracks for their soldiers in Air Rajah Road, Singapore. Clementi Primary School where I was schooling was at 7th mile, Pasir Panjang Road, a distance of about 5 km away. So that we (me and my buddies) could have some fun while going to school like sneaking into some bushes to catch spiders or kacau some dogs along the way, most of the times, we walked to school. Part of the route we take, takes us along the beach. It was during one of this walks that we came across our first collections of pornographic pictures. I

t was in black and white, the actor and actress are chinese looking and the couple are neither hunky or sexy in any way. They have a sullen, I mean business sort of look which in no way will sexcite you watching it. We had fun looking at it behind the school tuckshop during class break. But that’s that. We never attempted to recreate the scenes depicted in the photos with our female classmates nor do we give it any further thought.

I know I am old when social and moral values that are dear to me are not applicable today.

Choo Cheng Chai, Quek Poh Lim, Quah Si Lin and Tee Kam Choy, Ibrahim and Zaiton are the only friends that I can remember now from my primary school days. Can’t remember much of my malay friends from back then. I remember these guys and girl because they are my rambling and camping kakis every other Saturdays. With a backpack stuffed with bottled water, some buns or currypuffs and a hiking stick in our hand, we would assemble at the Kg.Tullock area by 8 am in the morning and then proceed on foot along the undulating terrain to Fort Canning and back which I believe to be more than 10 miles away.

When we decide to go camping, we don’t pitched our tents at school playgrounds like what Lord Baden Powell’s scouts and girl guides of today are doing. We take a 30 cent sampan ride from Keppel Harbour to Pulau Belakang Mati (now Sentosa Island) which at that time is home to a few small malay fishing villages and set up camp there, far away from the fishing villages. Mind you, we were only around 12 years old then. What do 12 year old kids do now a days. Lepak kat shopping complex dan main computer games. To me today’s kids are kedi even the mat rempits.

What has hiking and camping got to do with sex and the changing moral and social values? When we go hiking or camping, the boys and girls spend hours together in each other’s company for hours or days on end without any adult supervision. Yet we still maintain our decorum and our respect for each other. Of course there is always horsing around but that is all done in perfect innocence. Today, kids 12 years old are bonking each other. If you don’t believe that is the age the boys and the girls are having sex today, then you must be living under the coconut shell or a frog in a pond, somewhere in Timbuktu.

In the sixties, kids are safe around adults. On seeing 12 year olds like my friends and I hiking or camping, they would asked us where we are from, where we are going to or how long we would be camping and would never fail to advise us to be careful. Today, adults kidnaps 4 year old kids, murder and stuff them in travelling bags. In the old days, adult would only screw adults. Today, adults rapes 2 year old babies.

What is happening to us and what can we do about it? As my former director of the CCID (Commercial Crime Investigation Department) used to say, “Human values are changing, we have got to adapt to it”. The question is, Can I do that?

Until the next installment of life in the sixties, sayonara from Uncle B, who has always believed that it is always better to speak out your mind than talk behind somebody's back.


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