Thursday, 11 August 2011


Earlier I was thinking of penning my thoughts on the 8TV cheeky Ramadan advert about the bubbly chinese girl who goes around not properly dressed, hugging everybody at a Ramadhan Bazaar. But then I thought, what the heck for. Malaysians have lost their sense of humour. Everything is now China, Melayu, India, us versus them mentality. I wonder what my good chinese friend ASP Seow Seng Kee would say to the current petty sensitivity among the three major races of Malaysia. Too much politics, I guess.

We were just inspectors in the Special Branch, way back in the early 80’s. Whenever we meet in public, we would greet each other with curses. “Hoi! Cina, lu balik Tongsan lagi baik, bikin kacau ini negeri” and Seow would retort with a, “Oi! Melayu, ini negeri bukan lu satu orang punya tau”. After allowing the stares and the gasps from the bystanders to built up a little bit, we would hugged and pat each other’s back. Imagine doing that today. It would start a riot. Maybe we should hang up the current bunch of race based politicians to dry and wrinkle up.

My thoughts went to the Kampong Sungai Ruil, Cameroon Highlands, landslide that kills 7 orang asli villagers. That’s something to comment on. Reality sets in. This is Malaysia. The land of everything boleh. Where everything and anything goes. Where the impossible becomes possible. A Malaysia where you can no longer discern between facts, fiction and outright propaganda. So what is a landslide or two, when in this country, it is as common as snow in Europe. After all, those killed are common folks, orphans and religious students. Nobody of importance. So why bother to investigate if excessive developments and logging is the cause of it all.

I am going to let the recent JAIS raid of a church dinner where ten muslims attended it, passed. Both sides are at fault, the church and JAIS, QED. From 1967 to 1969, I was a committee member of the Singapore Chinese Young Men Christian Association. Attended and observed quite a few christian religious events including Sunday mass. Today, I am still a muslim and in my own way, doing the little that I can to make non muslims understand Islam better.

Faith is a personal matter. You can drag thousands of muslims into the syariah courts for being in a church. But if they want to become apostates, what can you do? Look at the many converts who became muslims because they want to marry muslims and not for the love of Allah. As soon as their marriages breaks up, they’re back to their old ways. Not all converts mind you but I personally knows a few.

The question to be asked is, what are the religious department and muslim organisations including IKIM and JAKIM doing to prevent muslims from attending, not only churches but also bars, nightclubs or whatever sin holes that are available in town. Enough of the preaching already because since young, I have been preached that if you do good, you go to heaven, if you do bad, you go to hell. That does not worked anymore.

I have seen and known far too much examples of non muslims converting to Islam, not because of marriage to a muslim or because of constant islamic preaching but because of the islamic action of a muslim. Looking at the attitude, behaviour and actions of some malaysian muslims, even those working in the religious departments, it is no wonder that muslims seeks the assistance of church officials and not the Islamic religious authorities. Think about it.

Until my next posting, regards from Uncle B, who’s always wondering, when are the malays going to stop blaming others for all the ills that beleaguered the malay race. Please malays, if you walk around stark naked, you are just asking to be raped, either dari depan atau dari belakang. Byeee!!!!!

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