Tuesday, 2 August 2011


I never realised that our ministers can be comedians. The Star of 30th July 2011, reported Najib Tun Razak as saying that, “The decision by the police (to release them) is based on their judgement and goodwill” . This is as a response to the Royal Malaysia Police (RMP) releasing Dr.Jeyakumar and 5 others from the Socialist Party of Malaysia (PSM) after 28 days of detention under the Emergency Ordinance 5/69 (EO) for alleged involvement in foreign aided and subversive activities against the state.

Delivered with a straight a face and the right comedic timing, Dato’ Seri Najib’s statement would have drawn howls and hoots of laughter from the floor at any company’s dinner show. Maybe our ministers should consider becoming part time comedians as some wives are just so expensive to maintain. Comedy pays. I know a comedian who commands RM 12,000 for a 45 minute show. Just 1 show a week, our PM could earn as much as RM 40,000 a month, telling jokes about his administration.

Any decent lawyer, not a loyar buruk, knows that the EO passed by Parliament on 16th May 1969, was meant to suppress violent acts committed during the riots and later against violent triads and gangs activities detrimental to public peace and security (not state). For “alleged involvement in foreign aided and subversive activities against the state”, there is always the Internal Security Act.

Was the release of the 6 PSM members prompted by the Royal Malaysia Police sensible judgement and goodwill or was the arrest of the 6, an abuse of the various preventive laws available in this country. Unfortunately unlike yours truly, Najib has not spend 8 years in the Special Branch handling ISA cases and 10 years in the JSJ D7 Division dealing with the Emergency Ordinance 5/69, the Restricted Residence Act 1933 and the Prevention Of Crime Act 1959. I would like to believed that I know better, whether there has been occasions where the preventive laws has been wrongly applied. Otherwise our prime minister would not have made such a joke.

Another joker I would like to highlight, in case you’re looking for an entertainer for your company’s annual gathering, is the Minister for Natural Resources and Environment. The minister says that he was stunned by the statement of Selangor’s State Land & Mines Assistant Director, that anyone can walk in and out of a land office with a fraudulent land title in his hand (fraudster) within 30 minutes, that the land office did not have an infallible method to ensure that land titles are granted to rightful owners, that the land offices’ scanners are constantly offline and that the system is not linked with the National Registration Department. According to the Honourable Minister, “As far as I know, the systems are all in order. We have not received any complaints from other Land Offices elsewhere”.

Maybe the Minister should visit the Commercial Crime Investigation Department to find out how many land fraud cases the department is handling to date. After that, go and have a look at the RMP computer system especially the Police Reporting System to gauge it’s efficiency. For that matter, why not check the IT systems of the Immigration Department, Customs Department and the MACC as well. If my information is spot on, I believed the Immigration Department’s IT system accidently erased Altantunya record of entry into Malaysia and the Custom Department system was down for about 3 hours at just about the time of the USD 24 million ring hoo hah.

I am sure if our ministers really go down to the ground and talk to the coolies who are actually doing the work and not to the bosses who are more interested in looking good and apple polishing, they (ministers) will stop delivering hilarous one liners that are bound to make the prime minister of Singapore, Thailand and the president of Indonesia and Philipines, fall down from their official chairs and roll around on the floor in fits of hysterical laughter.

Enough said, from Uncle B, who now understands why some people says that our parliament is a circus. It is full of clowns. Byee!!

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