Thursday, 18 October 2012


Deputy Information, Communications & Culture Minister, almost had my sides splitting from laughter and the rolling around on the floor when he urges the malaysian government to punish Alvin Tan Jye Yee and his partner, Vivian Lee for “tarnishing the country’s image” and bringing down “the country’s morals”. “They washed our dignity down the drain”, the deputy minister added. So reported the Malay Mail of 18 October 2012.

What did Alvin and Vivian do that makes the minister so angry? They uploaded their sex life stories and escapades complete with photos and videos on the web.

No comment on whether what these two kids did was right or wrong. Hellooo!! Mr.Deputy Minister. Just look around your cabinet colleagues and senior government servants lah. Look at the unethical conducts displayed and the deeply rooted corruption all around you. Ini macam ada baik punya morals kah, ada dignity ke ini macam and do you really think malaysia has a shining reputation? Duhhh!!!

On a sexually happier note, a local daily reported that a 94 years old man from India became the world’s oldest dad, when he fathered his second child with his 54 years old wife.

It seems that this grandfather was the envy of his neighbours because of his sexual prowess. According to this gentleman, he had sex between, ........ get this,............. 3 to 4 times a night. OMG!!! What I will give to have this capability again.

That said, I just can’t help wondering what sort of sex this 94 years old man and his 54 years old wife had, 3 to 4 times a night. Was it the kind that will have fireworks exploding all around the bedroom while you are at it or is it just the poke poke shove shove, wham bang thank you mame kind. Emmm.  

My hope is that the BN led government will provide a few million ringgit to researchers from our local universities to meet this 94 years old father and study what sort of lifestyle, what food he eats and what sort of exercises he does daily, to be able to maintain his libido and keep it up that long.

If the BN led government can throw money around like it’s nobody business, why not throw money around for a good cause. After all, a sexually satiated population who does it every night, will not have the time and inclination to participate in street demonstrations.

Until we meet again, allow Uncle B to bragged a bit. Uncle’s record was 7 times a night, that was 3 years into Uncle’s marriage and has not seen the Mrs for 14 days. And there was fireworks in the room all night long. Uncle still keeps the hotel receipt for rememberance, because, until today, still cannot repeat the feat. Byee.