Tuesday, 7 August 2007

My Blog My Way

This should have been my first posting tapi tak apalah still not too late. Initially I thought of writing entirely in English, maklumlah kita sekolah orang putih you, di Singapura lagi dan di Raffles Institution pulak tu. RI nih bagi you all yang belum tahu, standard MCKK. Bezanya saya difahamkan di MCKK boleh pakai kabel nak masuk walaupun academic excellence cukup makan aje. Different from RI, tak kiralah you Bumiputra ke, Cinaputra ke atau Indiaputra, if you don't make the grade .... kirim salam nak belajar kat RI.

Then I thought of writing in my mother tongue, Bahasa Melayu and not Bahasa Malaysia ahhh!. But then I've got problem too writing in Bahasa Melayu because I can think faster in English then in Bahasa Melayu. When I came back to this country in 1971, I have an excellent command of English not Singlish or Manglish but the Queens English, heck I even dreamed in Malaysia. Unfortunately after years in Malaysia where everything is going down the drain, my English also koyak. So there. I will take the middle path. Most of the time in English, kadang-kadang in Bahasa Melayu and at times in Bahasa Rojak. My blog what, can do anything I want.

Before I forget, this is my blog. In it are my viewpoints on a variety of issues. You may agree or not agree with my views. You may love or hate me for such viewpoints. Your choice. Me, I refuse to become a yesman although that is the trend today in Malaysia. You don't like my blog? why don't you read the race course guide or URTV then.


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