Monday, 18 July 2011


I was in two minds actually, whether to continue writing about the BERSIH Rally on 9 July 2011 since I have commented quite a bit on it or about something else. With Malaysians, especially the malay government servants and the malay masses in the rural areas of UMNO’s stronghold, Johor, Melaka, Ngeri Sembilan and Pahang, it is difficult to judge their sentiments. The malays like to listen to gossips and scandals about the malay elite but in the end, fear and the race card takes over. They will go in droves to an opposition tell all sessions but when it cames to voting time, it is terribly easy to sway their mind. “Tengok apa jadi dengan Pulau Pinang, Cina DAP dah perintah” is good enough to convince the malay masses to pangkah UMNO or BN.

Frighten the malays about the erosion of malay rights and privileges, and they will join PERKASA i.e UMNO in droves. The malay civil servants including the police are worse still. Talk a lot but no balls. In coffee shops they talk about the wrongdoings of the ruling government until kingdom comes but at ballot boxes they’ll still cross BN. The excuse, “Difficult lo!, the governemt can trace which party I pangkah. Cannot buang kerja one but promotions stymied mah! So promotions rules over justice and fairness.

On that score, lets talk about commitment. Not commitment to political ideologies and the way of fairness and justice but commitment to LOVE. Friday’s 15 July 2011 Metro, front page, highlights the story of a 70+ year old man in Penang who’d rather stay in jail than be bailed out on a khalwat charge by his sons because the sons are not willing to post bail for his lover who is 29 years old. Both of them will be in jail until September 2011 when their case will be heard. So rather than let his lover suffer alone, he decided to share her suffering. Sama sama seronok, sama sama suffer.

This is commitment. Commitment to love. Once you have uttered the words I Love You, it should be a commitment for life, comes rain or shine, in good health or in sickness, when you’re rich or when you’re poor. Alas! Men like us, the Penang uncle, my former colleague who stayed with his sick wife for years until she passed away (in spite of being asked to marry a second wife by the first) and myself, are a dying breed going the way of the dinosaurs.

On a final note, some photos of the BERSIH Rally that I hope will tickle your mind and relook the government propaganda dish out by the ruling power.

Are you saying this is one crazy one legged limping indian, who is paid by foreign agents, who suka-suka join the Bersih Rally unless he believes in the cause.

Is this Ah So an agent of a foreign country like Singapore? Only the Malaysian Special Branch knows the answer.

Mahathir’s daughter must be really stupid to go against the legacy her father left behind that is the BN ruling government. Must be one tak mengenang budi punya daughter.

Tengok gambar-gambar di atas dan di bawah. Cina dengan Melayu sama-sama jalan mah! mahu kasi bersih itu pilihanraya dan kerajaan. Mana ada itu india mahu kasi melayu balik kampong seperti itu katak lompat dan PERKASA kata. Ibrahim, lu terjun lombong lagi baik. Mati, tak ada bikin kacau punya.

Inikah yang dikatakan Perhimpunan Bersih akan buat huru hara? Kenapa pakcik ini tak lempar molotov cocktail kat polis. Adakah ini tindakan ahli sebuah pertubuhan yang ganas seperti kata kerajaan BN.

Kata PDRM, mereka tak tembak water cannon ke dalam Hospital Tung Shin. Jadi gambar ini menunjukkan khidmat masyarakat polislah untuk membersihkan dinding tingkat 3 hospital berkenaan.

This must be the most neutral police force in the world. They walloped the Yellow Shirts but protect UMNO Youth Red Shirts. No wonder PDRM are called running dogs?

In front of No.10 Downing Street when Najib went to see the English Queen and Rosmah tag along to do some shopping at Harrods. If the London Metropolitan Police is anything like their Malaysian counterparts, these Yellow Shirts sure kena gas punya.

The Malaysian Cabinet is mulling a few actions in the face of such kurang ajar attitude shown by the Queen of England towards the prime minister of a sovereign nation like Malaysia.

1. Secretly fly in Malaysia’s elite Special Squad. Pick up the Queen, bring her back to Malaysia for being disrespectful to our PM and for waering yellow.

2. Sever all ties with Great Britain.

Until we meet again, bye bye from Uncle B who believes that a picture speaks a thousand words unless the one looking at the picture is a moron.

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