Wednesday, 13 July 2011


No preamble kali ini. Just some plain and direct personal observations about the BERSIH 2.0 rally last saturday.

FROM THE SUN PAGE 6 - 11/7/11

Eyewitnesses accounts and photographs taken indicates that the police fired tear gas into Tung Shin Hospital during the BERSIH rally on Saturday 9 July 2011. The police says no such things happened. As a loyal citizen, I believed whatever the government departments says including the Royal Malaysia Police which has an outstanding record of being neutral when carryng out their duties without fear of favour.

What happened was, the police did fire tear gas but not into Tung Shin Hospital. The gas cannisters was aimed at and landed outside the hospital’s compound. It was the BERSIH demonstrators who kicked the cannisters inside the hospital’s compund to make the police and the BN government looked bad.

FROM THE SUN PAGE 2 - 11/7/11

Wth regards to the same BERSIH rally, the DPM says. “In a parlimentary democracy, the government is determined by the people and those elected can make their voice heard,” . I wish.

Agree, but how come BN whose candidates won less than 2/3 of the parlimentary seats made up 100% of the cabinet. Even ministers who loses their seats are made senators so that they can become ministers. So even when elected opposition representatives who represents the rakyat’s voice says something intelligent and of substance in parliament, the government has always turn a deaf ear. What is the point of talking when no one wants to hear you? Ini macam, ada bersihkah?


According to this colleague of mine, he was at Petaling Street on the day in question. Before his account of the incident, I was telling myself that the rally will be more than 80% malays, some indians and a sprinkling of chinese because I have always been told that the chinese are more interested in making money than fighting for social rights. I was totally wrong. My sincere apologies to my chinese friends.

According to my colleague, the more than 10,000 crowd at this particular grouping was about 65% melayu, 20% chinese and 15% indians which to me is a fair representation of the racial make-up of our country. They came in separate group. Chinese one group, indians one group and malays one group. Once these separate racial groups meet at the RV, they linked hands, 1 chinese, 1 indian and 1 melayu and so on down the line and started walking together towards the running dogs. To Najib’s 1 Malaysia propaganda, let me tell him this. Go fly a kite, that is if he understands English idioms.

Maybe that’s why the BN people so takut one of the opposition front. Because if the chinese, indian and melayu can linked hands together like abang adik in the common cause of social fairness, justice and freedom from corrupted politicians, then racial based party like UMNO, MCA and MIC, cannot cari makan one. Die loh! like that.

What the government is saying, is that the hundreds of planes carrying millions of tourists into Malaysia making a U turn as they reach KLIA, of foreign investors choosing Vietnam, Phillipines, Thailand and Indonesia to parked their money in, of millions of ringgit lost, is actually not because there’s nothing to see in Malaysia except the Twin Towers, not because Malaysia is not investment friendly and certaintly not because of money squandered on prestigous but not money making projects but because ungrateful malaysians like to rally and topple the government.

Do you really believed that? If you really believed what the goverment spin doctors is dishing out in the toilet papers masquerading as main stream newspapers and the electronic media, then we have to believe that our grandmothers died virgins.

Until we meet again, bye from Uncle B who says that Spiderman is more believable than TV3 and Utusan Malaysia.

Arte Logo!!!

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