Tuesday, 18 October 2011


I am sure not many bothers to read S.Sundareson letter to the editor, published on page 59, The Star, October 14, 2011. Sundareson laments the rise of Ugly Malaysians. Malaysians who are usually highly educated, rich and titled who thinks that they are somebody and everybody else is beneath them. The key word here is “they think”. If a kucing kurap who manages some how to own a car thinks that he/she is sombody, then you’ll have an Ugly Malaysian.

The writer cites, “inconsiderate motorists who parked haphazardly, dumbs rubbish along the highways”, who, “Judging by their cars, these offenders are not manual workers but educated Malaysians who simply couldn’t be bothered”. Adding further, he moans the fact that, “We have wtnessed time and again guests who think nothing of piling up heaps of food on their plates. They take more than they can possibly consumes and at least one third of the food ends up being thrown away”.

I feel that Sundareson is being kind for not adding to the list of ugly kiasu malaysians, drivers who cut queue, a woman who insist on going to the front of the medicine dispensing line at Assunta Hospital because she’s a Datin, an malay actress who thinks she can parked her vehicle any where she pleases just because she’s an actress and fumes when the traffic warden does not recognize her. How about morons who talks while watching a movie to the irritation of others because he thinks the RM 12 for a movie ticket is so big. The one that takes the cake must be the drivers/owners of expensive cars who talks on the mobile with one hand while driving. I mean, how ugly can you get, when you can afford a Toyota Lexus or the likes of it but stinged on a measly RM 150 for a simple bluetooth handsfree device. The list of ugly malaysians is endless.

At the end of his letter, Sundareson asked, “How do we go about educating the educated ugly malaysians”.

I am afraid Sundareson, we can’t do anything about that. Our people are beyond educating except maybe for a few because our education system is only about passing exams. It is not about teaching young malaysians to think or broadening their mindsets. It only about getting that piece of paper that you can bronzed or hang on the wall for the world to see that you have answered all questions corectly regardless of whether you really believed in your answers or you’re answering it by rote because the lecturer says it is so. I was onced impressed by a talking parrot who greets, “Good morning, apa khabar” the moment it sees you approching. But amazement turns to disappointment when I could not engage the parrot in a discussion about the different types of malaysian barbarians.

Hingga jumpa lagi dari Uncle B yang ingin bertanya, “Kalau Singaporeans kiasu, kita apa?”


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