Friday, 28 November 2008


Last week has been a rather busy one for me. Morning, saturday 22 Nov, I was off to Telok Intan attending my son-in-law's younger sister's wedding. The next morning at 0800 hrs, I was on a bus to KL as my family has to stay behind for the reception on the bridegroom's side. I had to leave because I have to be in Malacca the very same day. I was one of the panel members to assess the public speaking and presentation skills of sub inspectors attending their Penilaian Tahap Kecekapan course and examinations.

The PTK Exams
I won't comment on the PTK examinations as I have promised not to comment on the police force for a time being. For now, I will follow the advice of an old english song 'Que Sera Sera" or what will be, will be. I don't want to be like the anjing menyalak bukit. Anjing hilang suara bukit tak roboh. So if all around me wants to rot in hell, go ahead, it's none of my business .......... for a time being that is.

Eye Of Malacca
The hotel the police put me up in, the City Park Hotel, is close to the Eye of Malacca. No, I did not take a ride on that ferris wheel. However I was just wondering if malaysians, especially those who calls themselves administrators of Malaysia and it's 14 states are born copycats. Some leader goes to London and saw the Eye of London, then decides that malaysia should have one. Then each states decides that they too must have one Eye each. Just like each states have their own Merdeka Square and KL Tower replica.

Too bad none of these administrators wants to copy Singapore's efficient public transport systems or Metro Manila's bicycle lanes. Surely building bicycle lanes around the Klang Valley is cheaper than building the Bullet Train to Singapore or sending 2 malaysians on a joyride in space.

Building Bicycle Lanes
In order to help the UMNO putras (opps! the bumiputeras) achieve 30% malay share of the economic cake, create a bicycle lane concessionaire, have toll boths for the bicycle lanes, then penned a loop-sided contract in favour of the concessionaire. For the final touch, allow an automatic increase of the toll rates by 10% every year. Failure to allow that or if nobody uses the bicycle lanes, the government will then compensate the concession holder. Should the rakyat complains, tell those ungrateful income tax paying citizens that nothing in life is free.

What do you think? Good idea huh! The melayu gets the bicycle lane toll concession, the cina gets the sub contract and the marginalised indian tycoons can form companies to bring in cheap indian labour from India, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

That's why I like the Malaysian political system. Every race benefits (of course the leaders of the race lah!) from projects to make life easier for the rakyat. The Economic Planning Unit, MAMPU or MTEN or whatever, think about that.

By the way I have a bicycle in the office and 2 at home. See, I am fast adapting to the malaysian way of doing things. Everything that is planned always have big personal benefits for the planners and their immediate families.

The Wedding In Telok Intan
I enjoyed the wedding in Telok Intan very much. As wedding goes, it's pretty much the same. Guest came, are served food and then goes home. But the evening session is different. They have a karaoke session from about 9 in the evening for family members that came from afar, the neighbours and the helpers (penanggah) who helps organised and run the reception. That was great, even the singing.

In the old days, when the National Islamic Fatwa Council was not busy issuing edicts, a joget lambak session was compulsory for weddings. Imagine jogetting and flirting the night away. Unfortunately religious guys and gals decides that women and men dancing together is a temptation to hell, so now a wedding is just a wedding. In the evening, the only ones having all the fun is the bride and the bridegroom. Wah! so unfair mah!

On that note, I was just wondering. In the old days, when we have dance halls and I can still go to Wisma Central to see Rose Chan (you must be very young if you do not know who is Rose Chan) stripped, why are there no neckings and screwings in public. In fact, those days. it is a rare sight to see malay muslim women wearing the purdah, just like it is difficult to see malay women then, even without the purdah meraba or diraba-raba in public. Today malay muslim women in purdah is a common sight just like hitting a Dato's head if you throw a stone in the air in any public place. At the same time it is also a common sight today to see malay muslim women in purdah allowing their balaks (boyfriends lah tu!) to londeh their (girlfriends) baju or angkat their (aweks) kain in public.

Majlis Fatwa Kebangsaan, lu orang buta ke?

By the way last friday, jam lebih kurang 4:30 petang, masa aku dan anak buah dari Urus Setia JSJK sedang makan ubi rebus di Restaurant Chawan, Bangsar, kami TERLIHAT seorang perempuan melayu berpakaian dengan 3/4 payutakdara terdedah dan putiXX pasti tersembul jika baju ditiup angin.


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