Monday, 10 November 2008


To all who have taken the time to visit my blog, thank you very much. I know that most of my postings are critical in nature, cynical, sarcastic and at times, caustic. I'd love to be nice, all sugar and spice but that's not how I show my love for anything worth loving.

My country and the people of Malaysia of which my family is part of, is definitely worth loving. I will not be one of those in the story of the king and his new clothes. Convinced by his ministers that the clothes he is wearing is so fine that it appears invisible, the king parades around in his so called new clothes. The rakyat knew that the king is actually naked but because of fear, exclaimed how fine the king's new clothes is. It takes a small boy to point out that the king is actually naked. Aesop (the writer of the story) did not mentioned what happened to the little boy. He could have been adopted by the king and groomed to take over the throne when the king dies.

If it happened in old Singapore (Malaysia’s close neighbour and formerly a part of Tanah Melayu which has now become Tanah Kecil Cina), the boy like Hang Nadim, would have been executed on the advice of the ministers for daring to speak his mind. When Singapore was attacked by swordfish, killing innocent citizens, the smart ministers order the rakyat to use their thighs as shield. On seeing this stupidity, Hang Nadim suggested that they used banana trunks instead. The attacked was thwarted. Realising they have been made to look like fools by a little boy, the ministers suggested that if allowed to live, such a smart boy would one day take over the throne. Hang Nadim was executed.

I think I am more like the little boy in Aesop Fables of The King And His New Clothes I see things as it is and not what others say it should be. Maybe I am a little bit like Hang Nadim who dares voice out his reservations about what he sees and finally pays a price for his folly. I have been paying that price, socially, family or work wise. Regrets are too late. I am too old to catch up on what should have been. The only compensation I have is that I can never be accused of being a hypocrite.

For a time being or maybe for a much more longer period or then again for all times, I will stop being critical, cynical, sarcastic and caustic. I will be Uncle Goody Two Shoes.

I have to remember. Remember very very hard that I am living in Malaysia and not in the times of the 4 righteous Caliphs of Islam like Saidina Abu Bakar or Saidina Omar where vocal dissension even against the caliphs themselves are not only tolerated but appreciated. No fear of reprisals or condemnation. Ini malaysia kan????????

Bye ......

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