Wednesday, 27 April 2011


For this posting I have decided to offer extracts from columnist Karim Raslan article about Pak Mahfud, a member of Indonesia’s islamic organisation, Nahdatul Ulama, former academic and minister from the Gus Dur era and currently, Head of indonesia Constitutional Court. Pak Mahfud is pesantren educated (Islamic religious school) and not from some Oxford like some upstart politician from Rembau. For the full story, please read CERITALAH, published in the Star of 26th April 2011.

I do this because from what I have seen, most of us would rather scan the newspapers for gossips, scandals, sports news and political lies rather than thought provoking columns such as Karim’s. The extracts are italised and in bold face followed by my 10 sen worth of comments about the issues.

“Tranparency is Pak Mahfud’s hallmark, so much so that even the most ordinary of encounters in his office (including my meeting with him) are videotaped for posterity".

Di Malaysia pun ada transparency tetapi only when it suits the ruling power. Anwar main bontot (dia orang kata, bukan saya), depa dedah di akhbar. Ada orang kena tangkap khalwat di PD dengan penyanyi, depa embargo cerita. Itu yang namanya ketelusan ala Malaysia.

“There are two types of corruption: the first where you steal government money outright and second, when your behaviour is proud and authoritarian. Injustice begins with just such an attitude.”

Tu, yang projek-projek membazir oleh GLC, kerajaan atau oleh syarikat kroni yang kemudian di bail-out oleh kerajaan, bukan menyamun duit rakyat di siang hari ke namanya. Kalau nak contoh mengenai peribadi yang authoritarian dan penyombong yang membawa kepada ketidak-adilan, tak perlu pergi jengah semua pejabat kerajaan di Malaysia, lihat sahaja PDRM. Kau kau punya contoh.

“All too often the people are being cheated by their elected representatives! We have to work more fairly. There are times when I feel as if Indonesia is facing a crisis of trust”.

Wakil rakyat menipu rakyat, essk! sama aje di Malaysia dan kalau nak cerita tentang krisis kepercayaan di Malaysia, saya sendiri belum lagi yakin dengan sistem keadilan kita termasuk agensi-agensi penguatkuasa undang-undangnya seperti MACC.

“Unlike most office holder he does not take himself too seriously. He’s not a protocol concious man. Indeed he is the type of fellow for whom the phrase merakyat (or close proximity to the people) is perfectly suited as there is nothing forbidding, austere or stand-offish about him whatsoever”.

Di Malaysia, pemimpin yang merakyat dan duduk minum teh bersama Pak Mat Beca di warung, lagi ramai ..... tapi di musim pilihanraya aje.

“Practical, principled and rooted, men like Pak Mahfud reflect a less transactional view of Indonesian public life. If the republic is to succeed, it’ll need hundreds more Pak Mahfuds ….. while Malaysia desperately needs to find just one man like him”.

Karim Raslan has said it all. Indonesia needs more Pak Mahfuds while we have none. In short, Malaysia does not have the benefits of “Practical, principled and rooted, men as leaders of our country. Enough said!

I have said what I need to say. All you have to do about it is to ponder and then make the right choice when the times comes. Cutting off a gangrenous foot is always painful but you have to do it rather than risk infecting and killing the whole body. Changing the government through the ballot box can be frightening and unsettling but would you risk your children and Malaysia’s future if you allow the present rot to infect the entire country. The choice is yours.

Hingga jumpa lagi, salam sayang dari Uncle B yang berpendapat, “Lebih baik menduda daripada dapat isteri yang tak hormat suami dan kalau dapat benda tu pun, seminggu sekali aje.”


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