Saturday, 6 December 2008


I have always maintained that Malaysia is a country of words without substance. No doubt I am a cynic and is always critical of the government but after 51 years of administering this country, there’s nothing the government has done to prove me wrong. Friday 5 December 2008, is the nail that shuts the coffin. In times to come, I am positive there will be many more such nails.

The People’s Republic Of China invited our Home Ministry to participate in a CHINA ASEAN LAW ENFORCEMENT COOPERATION workshop in Beijing from 8th to 19th December 2008. Since it involve law enforcement, the ministry invites two police officers to participate, along with one of their own. Note that it is the Home Ministry that invited the police. PDRM do not beg to be included in the workshop.

The normal administrative process to facilitate our travel (a special branch officer was the other participant from PDRM) to Beijing, was put in motion. Flight reservation were made, Chinese visas were applied for, paid with our own pocket money and obtained. On my part, a country paper for the workshop was prepared and winter clothings amounting to RM400 were purchased.

Luckily I did not make an announcement in the local written and electronic media that my number one boss believed in me enough to suggest my name for the workshop. Otherwise the shame of being seen in Malaysia from the 8th to 19th of this month would be enough to kill me. Unfortunately almost everyone who knows me personally, knows that I will one of three Malaysians representing our great country in an international workshop. Surely that will be another certificate to hang on my office’s wall while in service and in my living room’s wall when I retired. But, alas, that was not to be.

Tickets for our travel to Beijing was ready by 6 pm Friday the 5th. Unfortunately the ticket could not be released to me as the Home Ministry has yet to sign the approval for my travel to Beijing. It seems that only the Chief Secretary to the ministry and his deputy can approve my travel. Both are out of the country. The ministry’s executive officer on whom I vented my anger (so sorry, luv) was still waiting for some higher ups in said ministry who is responsible and with at least one ball left to sign the approval letter. In the end, no one in the ministry dares to approve my travel not even a titled high official.

To say that I am furious, mad, angry, wild and frustrated is an understatement. Such is my feeling of utter helplessness plus anger at the pure absurdity of it all, that should anyone cross my path at that moment, I will not hesitate to maim him or her (even if the she is one sexy and inviting woman). Especially if that person comes from the ministry.

It was the ministry that invited PDRM to attend the workshop. Would it not be common sense then, that the written approval to attend the workshop should come along with the invitation to attend. Even if both the Chief Secretary and his deputy are out of the country, can’t someone of substance in the ministry phones any one of the two bosses , obtains a verbal approval and then issues the written approval for travel.

Imagine, inviting someone to attend your daughter’s or son’s wedding and then insisting that the invitee obtains a written approval from you before they can come to the wedding reception.

Actually there are some choice words that I would like to let loose in describing this whole episode but being a Malaysian I have always been reminded to take it, keep silent and bite the bullet. Personally ....... heck!, is there such a thing as an independent decision maker in this country any more.

No wonder is Malaysia is going kaput.

P/S - The Home Ministry is rated 4 stars by MAMPU. Go figure.

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