Saturday, 26 March 2011


Page 2 of theSun, 24th March 2011, makes interesting reading. It reflects on the government sense of responsibility when handling public funds which belongs to the rakyat and not to Barisan Nasional or any of its component parties. Let’s read in between the lines.

“Unfair to penalised PKA directors”, says Tan Sri Megat Najmuddin Megat Khas, president of the Malaysian Institute of Corporate Governance (MICG), “as they were merely taking orders from their masters”. According to the good Tan Sri, many members of the board are nominated by the government and are themselves government servants. Mr. President of MICG further opined that, “they can’t be personally liable because they are not free to act on their own accord”.

Agree Tan Sri. The present and past directors of the Port Klang Authority are nothing but saya yang menurut perintah robots who take orders from their masters i.e. the government. In other words, any decision, good or bad, made by the puppet Board Of Directors of PKA , were actually the decision of the BN lead government. Therefore it is safe to say that the government has failed to discharge its duty with due care and diligence. So, what’s the big problem, charge the government then for dereliction of duties, unless of course, certain authorities who are supposed to act without fear or favour has got no balls.

On the same page, Terence Fernandez and Karen Arukesamy of theSun, reported that “The present BOD yesterday voted unanimously to let the 28 previous directors off the hook, although it is understood that several directors raised their hands in approval somewhat reluctantly”. So betullah andaian saya yang pegawai-pegawai tinggi kerajaan termasuk yang dari PDRM tak ada telur untuk mengatakan yang benar sebab takut kedudukan mereka terjejas dan tak naik pangkat.

Kata theSun lagi, “According to sources, this decision was made despite advice to the contrary by both legal advisers of the PKA and Transport Ministry. Both Skrine & Co which was hired by PKA and Datuk Seri Muhammad Shafee Abdullah who was engaged by the Transport Ministry, recommended suing previous directors for dereliction of duties and breach of fiduciary duties for approving – by their actions, silence or omissions – the escalating financial cost of the PKFZ project which is expected to tip RM 12.5 billion.

Need I say more about the public governance ability of the Barisan Nasional cabinet. Don’t blame the Barisan Nasional leaders, if in the near future, more government linked companies financial fiasco or the government’s prestige building, white elephant mega projects, costing billions of the rakyat money, is revealed, because you voted these people into power.

Talking about sense of responsiblity to the rakyat, the front page of the same issue of theSun shows a picture of Mr.Norio Tsuzumi and 2 employees of the Tokyo Electric Power Company, the operator of Japan’s crippled nuclear plant bowing to apologise to evacuees at a shelter in Fukushima Perfecture. These evacuees were moved to the shelter as a precaution as a result of the said nuclear plant disaster. Which university or what kursus bina semangat did Mr. Tsuzumi and his employees attended, that is able to inculcate such high degree of responsiblity and accountability in Mr.Tsuzumi and his staff. Once we know that, then we should send all cabinet ministers and CEOs of GLCs to attend such courses or programs.

It would be nice for a change to see Dr.M, and rows upon rows of ministers and CEOs of GLCs, at Dataran Merdeka, with live TV coverage, bowing and apologising to the rakyat gathered there, for misusing public funds and shortchanging the rakyat.

Unfortunately in Malaysia Bolehland, no matter what courses we send our ministers and CEOs to, it would be a cold day in hell if that happens and I vote BN.

Jumpa lagi dari Uncle B, yang some how percaya bahawa kerajaan pimpinan BN akan berhenti memunahkan duit rakyat untuk projek-projek merapu yang hanya akan menguntungkan mereka (menteri-menteri BN), apabila salji turun di Malaysia.


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