Sunday, 8 March 2009


Let’s talk movies.

I watch movies for two different reasons. For pure entertainment or as a tool to reflect on life or both.

Within the last 48 hours, I had the opportunity to come across two thought provoking movies. One, a police story from Hong Kong titled Tactical Unit – Comrades In Arms, which I watch on DVD and the other, The Watchmen, a graphic novel brought to the silver screen, which I catch at Cineleisure, Damansara,

If I had the power, I would force all senior police officers who has never served in the line of fire and who are hell bent on “maiming or killing” the career of their own men, to watch Tactical Unit – Comrades In Arms. Also all those human rights lawyers and NGO’s who has never walk a patrolman’s beat and loved to protect the rights of criminals and not victims of crime. I loved this movie because it has a similarity to the policing situation in Malaysia.

It’s a simple story. 3 policemen from the tactical unit were caught on tape beating up a triad member. Although the recording were blurred, both the disciplinary department and members of the tactical unit hunts for the triad member although for different reasons. The displinary department wants him (triad member) to testify against the 3 policemen while members of the tactical unit wants to silence him.

In the end, the police obtained a second but clear recording of the same incident showing the faces of the 3 policemen. On viewing the recording, one senior officer remarked to another, “You have never faced the pressure of walking the beat and having gangsters spit in your face”. This, I want all those who are quick to condemned the police for overstepping their boundaries, to see and listen. I won’t spill the beans on the ending as you have to watch the movie yourself to savour it

Initially The Watchmen was only supposed to entertainment me and nothing else. After all it’s a movie about a group of superheroes looking after and defending mankind, a movie similar to the Superman or Spiderman movie. I was wrong. The Watchmen is about flawed individuals doing good although in doing that, they sometimes resort to wrong and unethical methods of achieving their objectives. Again this movie reminds me of the police, trying to keep the rakyat safe and secure in Malaysia with their hands tied. It brings forth the adage, that in order to be kind, you have to be cruel. I mean, so what if 10 confirmed hardened criminals are gunned down daily if it can bring down the crime rate to zero. The Watchmen questions your believes on how life should be lived, what is good and what is bad.

By the way, if you’re watching this movie with your non wife, stop fondling her. This movie is multi-layered and you have to concentrate, to peel away the many layers. You definitely cannot do that if you’re squeezing your girlfriend’s butt.

Hingga jumpa lagi, ada tak sesiapa yang boleh bagi pinjam video biru di mana aweknya berpakaian, pakai bra dan panties dan heronya kena cium-cium dulu, raba-raba, buka butang blouse satu persatu, kemudian turun zip skirt perlahan-perlahan, kemudian ambil masa untuk tanggal coli dan seluar dalam, raba-raba lagi, baru ……..

Tanya macam ni kira lucah ke? Padanlah banyak perceraian di Malaysia. Nobody enjoy sex as a hobby.

Chow dan Arte Logo!


MacGyver said...

I think you better stop writing about sex after each story you post. It makes me think that you are a sex maniac.

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